Additives and flavourings in foodstuffs

Additives and flavourings are chemical compounds used in various food, stimulant or medicinal products. Around 10,000 flavouring substances have been identified in nature to date, although in Europe only around 2,500 to 3,000 substances are used in the production of flavourings. Due to the intensity of flavour, the percentage of flavourings in the respective products is usually very low.

They are used in the food industry because they provide a better and more intense taste as well as a more delicate appearance of edible products. Accordingly, the success of a product may depend on its aroma. In fact, additives are found in many foods, including sausages and meats.

A flavour is produced by means of various flavouring substances and extracts. A distinction is made between natural, nature-identical and artificial flavouring substances. Natural substances are obtained, for example, from vegetable or animal raw materials. Nature-identical and artificial flavouring substances are created by chemical processes. Flavors may also include reaction or smoke flavors. Reaction flavours such as dextrose are produced by heating, while smoke flavours such as smoked salt are, as the name suggests, produced by smoke or smoking.

In our online range you will find carefully selected colouring agents and flavouring extracts that give your sausages and meats a natural colouring. With paprika extracts, for example, different red colourings and a spicy smell can be achieved.

Do you have any questions, comments or need help with our range of flavours and colourings? Our contact persons are at your disposal at Here you will also find help on topics such as the general set-up and equipment of your production facilities, or the exclusive purchase of products that are not yet available in the Ehlert range.

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Additives and flavourings in sausage and meat products

“Flavor” means as much as “spice” or “fragrance” as they perfect the taste of the food. A wide range of both solid and liquid materials are used in the sausage and meat industry. In addition to the paprika extracts already mentioned, garlic pastes and extracts, smoked salt, lemon seasoning and vanillin sugar may be present in sausage and meat products. With the help of onion or garlic extracts your product gets a fine and spicy taste and smell. When preparing garlic marinade or butter, garlic paste is also perfect as a base ingredient. With additional dyes, very attractive product colours can also be achieved, which put your goods in the right light.

The right aroma for every need

Who doesn’t enjoy a properly smoked steak? Smoked salt is found in many meat flavors and provides a stronger flavor. Various lemon seasonings flavor and refine the meat. They give the product a tasty and intense citrus aroma. Vanillin sugar is not only used for baked goods, biscuits and other pastries, but is also an integral part of sausage or meat products. The sugar can serve various functions, for example, the sweet additive serves to soften the taste of salt. All these products, which provide an intense taste experience, are available in our extensive range of colourings and flavourings in our B2B online shop.

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Legal requirements regarding the use of flavourings

Even though it is often criticised, flavourings are used in a great many industrially produced foods. Due to the legal regulations, the production with flavourings and colourings is safe, uniform and transparently regulated.

In fact, Europe-wide directives apply to the use of additives. There is a so-called positive list in which all colouring and flavouring substances are listed that may be used in the production of certain foods.

Flavourings and other flavouring substances are tested and evaluated at regular intervals by international nutrition experts. As soon as new research is available on this topic, the list will be checked for up-to-dateness and, if necessary, adapted. An online database allows anyone to look up the authorised colourings and flavourings.

The German Aroma Regulation lays down the conditions that apply to the use of the various additives. They decide, for example, in what quantities a particular flavouring or flavouring substances may be used. A flavouring substance shall only be authorised if the dose is likely to cause a health problem to the final consumer in the smallest possible way. Allowing different substances may also depend on other criteria, such as environment, ethics or tradition could influence the decision of nutrition experts. The designation of the respective aromatic food additives also depends on legal regulations.

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