Butchery supplies of all kinds - from clothing to knives

Large quantities of meat are processed in meat processing plants every day. The delicate food requires a carefully designed and controlled environment so that it does not lose its quality right up to the end. However, proper processing cannot take place without the right equipment. For this reason, the latest technologies, functional clothing and first-class tools are indispensable for the butcher’s business. They serve as a tool and help to produce the desired products with the best taste and the highest quality. Butchery supplies in particular meet special requirements.

Everything for the butchery from one source

Our Ehlert B2B online shop offers a comprehensive range of butchery supplies. We not only provide you with the right knife, but also with hygienic workwear with a high degree of functionality, cleaning agents for proper hygiene throughout the company, as well as high-quality machines and a wide range of tools. For food seasoning we have a wide range from spices and herbs to additives and flavourings. For this purpose we offer you the mixing of individual seasoning preparations for your products. Safe packaging is ensured not only by our numerous packaging solutions, but also by natural and artificial casings, which, in addition to their technological advantages, are used in part as the primary packaging for sausage products. If you have any questions about the assortment, please do not hesitate to contact our assortment managers.

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Knife with logo

Barely arrived in October the Christmas business is already before the door. So that you can give your customers a special gift in the form of a knife with your logo on the blade, you should inquire with us now. Because: In the weeks before Christmas, the machines at the manufacturers are heavily utilized. Means: First come, first served.

We need the following information from you for an inquiry:

For images, logos and graphics: An image file (jpg, gif, png) or vector graphic (dwg, eps) of the desired etching with as high a resolution as possible (approx. 1,500 x 1500 pixels, 300dpi).

For simple lettering, it is sufficient to specify the text and the font.

The specification of which knife is to be etched and which color the handle should have.

Should the etching be done on one side or both sides of the blade?

Please send your request to harun.payandy@ehlert-gmbh.de or your responsible account manager.

Special requests (e.g. coloured handle printing) please contact Harun Payandy directly at harun.payandy@ehlert-gmbh.de or +49 (0) 5246 50 300 301.

You will receive an offer from us with delivery time and proof. The order is placed only after approval of the proof.

Workwear in the butcher's shop

In a butcher’s shop, the highest demands are placed on workwear. This must not only comply with the safety and hygiene standards of the food processing industry, but also have certain functionalities depending on its use. Especially in the butchery can quickly cut or bruise. Therefore, appropriate cut and puncture protection clothing is mandatory. Resistant and durable clothing also provides the necessary additional safety. Our range has a comprehensive clothing selection ready for you from head to toe: Here you will find tops and trousers, caps, gowns, overalls and aprons. Our disposable clothing of the brand “Ehlert Profi” ensures even more hygiene.

Professional cleaning in the butcher's shop

Just as with workwear, the same applies to cleaning in a food processing plant. Here, too, the highest hygiene standards apply so that the food does not become contaminated or lose quality. Regular cleaning of the premises and disinfection of all work surfaces where raw meat is processed on a daily basis is essential. This is the only way to fight bacteria and viruses and keep them away from the food. Thorough cleaning is ensured with specially developed disinfectants and cleaning agents, cloths, towels and sponges as well as professional cleaning technology and tools. In addition, we offer a wide range of products for proper waste disposal as well as samples for cleaning control.

Machines & tools for butchery

No matter how good a craftsman’s work is, it is only through the use of professional tools and machines that the quality becomes visible down to the smallest detail. For this reason, high quality requirements are placed on the equipment, especially in the butcher’s shop. In addition, food safety and operational safety are two further factors that must be fulfilled by the tools and machines. Such equipment includes meat grinders, cutters, fillers, band saws but also slicing forks, cutting boards or sausage lifters. Complete your business equipment with suitable containers, shelves and tables and other accessories. Of course, Ehlert can supply you with custom-made products if you cannot find what you are looking for in our range.

Spices and herbs for a variety of creations

Spices and herbs play a fundamental role in butchery. They are an essential ingredient in many meat and sausage products, teasing out the optimum flavours and ensuring the necessary shelf life. In some cases, the meat has such an intense and excellent flavour that just a few herbs and spices are enough to perfect it. In some other cases, you can add subtle flavours such as garlic, paprika or a special hint of pepper. Spices, herbs and also spice blends create more variations in your product variety.

Casings for professional quality finishing

Those who specialise in the production of sausage products need an equally high-quality casing for their high-quality products, in which the sausage finds its place. Casings not only give sausages the right shape, but also fulfil a number of other properties that are important for the particular type of sausage. Although artificial casings cannot usually be eaten, they have a longer shelf life. The special technological properties of the intestine also play an important role in the selection. In natural casings, on the other hand, the aromas can develop better due to the oxygen permeability. The Ehlert assortment offers you a wide range of natural and artificial casings.

Safe packaging options

Last but not least, safe and hygienic packaging solutions are required, as this is the only way to guarantee the quality of the meat and sausage product right to the end. Numerous packaging options are available here. Our assortment here ranges from E2 boxes, transport and bulk troughs, poly side gusseted bags and vacuum bags to cardboard boxes, stretch films and strapping bands. Pack your products in pouches, bags, moulds or other trays after you have prepared it with the right ingredients. Yarns, cords and nets, soaker pads and foodtainers are also part of our range.

Butcher knives for every purpose

A sharp knife cuts everything? Not quite. Because even a freshly sharpened knife only cuts as well as it is intended for. Therefore, you should choose your cutting tool carefully. There are numerous types of knives, blade and handle shapes that need to fit you and your products. Only with a boning knife can you successfully and easily remove bones cleanly and separate fat and tendons from the rest of the meat. Whether ham knives, steak knives, vegetable knives, chef’s knives and more – Ehlert Knives has a wide range of knives ready for you.

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Best quality butchery supplies from the professional

As a butcher, you come into contact with different types of meat and processing methods on a daily basis. The meat must not only be checked for quality, but also processed from the whole animal to the final small piece on the plate. This includes numerous processes, for which sometimes individual tools, sometimes entire machines are required. From sausages to marinated meats and ready-to-cook products, there are numerous tasks on the agenda.

Wide range of bearings for the food industry

Ehlert offers a wide range of products not only for the butcher’s shop. In addition, other companies from the food-producing industry are of course also in the right place in our B2B online shop. They receive full service until your final decision and purchase. Let us advise you on all aspects of the right products for you and choose from articles of our own brand or from other well-known manufacturers.

With the progress in change

Especially in the food industry it is of utmost importance to keep up with the progress of technologies. Because only in this way can you, as a food-producing company, meet your customers’ requirements. For this reason, we at Ehlert have been adapting our diverse range of products to current conditions since 1924. Let us provide you with the latest technologies and tools to carry out your craft professionally.

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