Food packaging and accessories for every need

Whether in the slaughterhouse, at the vegetable farmer’s, at the fresh or hot counters, for catering services or in fish processing – packaging plays an important role in the food industry. Their task is not only to protect foodstuffs from external influences, but also to store them safely and for as long as possible. Our Ehlert food packaging is geared precisely to your requirements and creates the perfect solutions for your needs. The innovative solutions meet the high quality standards of food packaging. Of course you can find them in our B2B online shop. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our range managers.

How important is the right food packaging?

Foodstuffs have a particularly high quality requirement. In order to be able to guarantee this claim, packaging plays a central role. Whether airtight or transparent packaging or cardboard boxes: innovative packaging solutions for food ensure long-lasting freshness and protection. In the field of packaging, companies in the food industry have countless options at their disposal: From thermoforming sheets and vacuum bags to poly bags, cans and jars. The choice of suitable food packaging should not be made arbitrarily, but should be well thought out. How would you like to present your goods? Are your foods delicate and likely to break quickly? The weight, shape and size of the individual foodstuffs provide important information on the correct packaging for foodstuffs. Here you will find an overview of which packaging is best suited for which purpose, what you should pay attention to for safe transport and how you can further optimise protection with suitable accessories.

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Safe transport and shipping of food

If you not only want to store your food safely, but also want to guarantee flawless and protected transport and shipping, then you need special products that make this possible. When it comes to transport and shipping, there are many options available to you that are food safe and hygienic: Large crates and tubs allow for easy food transport of larger quantities or large items. In addition, Ehlert offers the matching lids if required. Standardized Euro transport boxes also simplify transport by simply stacking them on top of each other. They can be moved on Euro pallets or special trolleys and take up very little space.

Reduce costs sustainably

Everyone talks about sustainability and licensing costs… So do we! Did you know that a reduction of the thickness of vacuum bags from 90 my to 65 my is possible without any problems? This protects the environment, as less material is used, and your wallet, as you have less packaging waste to dispose of. Less is more! Now switch from 90 my to 65 my vacuum bags. You can find our sample calculation here.

Airtight food packaging

Airtight food packaging prevents food from coming into contact with other substances that lead to faster deterioration. This can significantly extend the shelf life of food – provided you choose the right packaging. Cans and jars are wonderful for preserved foods, among other things. Vacuum bags act as an airtight seal – for example for sausage products and more. Offer your customers the additional option of transporting their goods more easily and safely – with carrier bags and small bags from Ehlert. Whether meat, fruit or vegetables as well as many other raw foodstuffs: Ensure safe and hygienic transport right to the end with the right packaging.

Foils, paper and other blanks for every need

A large number of raw foodstuffs are first packaged in specific blanks to protect them from environmental influences before they find their place – in most cases – in a bag or small pouch. This is especially true for meat and cheese products, but also for other foods. Paper and film ensure the freshness of the food during transport and prevent leakage. In addition, this counteracts rapid drying out. Put your trust in professional packaging: Ehlert offers you selected products in high quality. Our selection ranges over different colors – from white to pink to black.

Yarns, nets and closures for sausage products

yarns, cords and nets, you are guaranteed to be on the safe side. You can find these in our online shop in many different designs, which differ not only in color, but also in the material composition. You decide which aid is best suited for your product depending on the type of processing.

Moulds and bowls for attractive meals

Since it is a well-known fact that the eye also eats, an attractive presentation of the dishes is becoming increasingly important in order to stand out from the competition. This is true for restaurants, but also for food companies. If meals are served in restaurants on the spot, the chef has the advantage of being able to decorate the respective dish – whether salads, fish and meat dishes, pasta or more – very well. In grocery stores, for the delivery of ready meals as well as in canteens of companies or educational institutions, the meals require special packaging such as moulds and trays which, in addition to an attractive presentation of the goods, also offer sufficient protection.

Accessories for optimal packaging

The food packaging itself is by no means the end of the story. To get the most out of them and keep your food safe, you’ll also need the right accessories: cut straight film cuts with a film cutter, make clean welds on vacuum bags with the help of a vacuum tool, and seal plastic bags with a bag sealer for protection. A simple hand dispenser for stretch film as well as film dispensers simplify many tasks and also help to save a lot of time in the long run. Scoring knives and matching replacement blades are available with different functions to make cutting easier. Ehlert offers you these and other aids for all aspects of food packaging.

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Individual tailor-made products for your needs

Have you not yet been able to find the right food packaging in our range? In addition to the existing range, Ehlert offers you customised packaging to meet your requirements: Determine the size, colour, shape and thickness of your desired films and we will take care of the implementation – with the help of professional manufacturers with whom we maintain close contact. This way you will easily get the best possible solution!

High quality offer at Ehlert

As a specialist wholesaler, Ehlert offers comprehensive support to companies in the food production sector. Here you will find a wide range of products that will help you to produce high quality and safe food. In addition to extensive packaging options, you will also receive a wide range of other production requirements. This includes, for example, appropriate machinery and equipment as well as professional butcher knives and disposable clothing, cleaning agents and spices for all aspects of food production.

In our assortment we provide you with a targeted selection of high-quality kitchen utensils, hygienic workwear, first-class spices and herbs, tasty additives and aromas as well as high-quality natural and artificial casings. Convince yourself – and order everything from one source here at Ehlert.

Ehlert convinces with quality

In the food industry, quality is one of the most important characteristics. Customers have high demands, regular quality controls present companies with a difficult task. That’s why you should rely on a professional wholesaler when choosing your production aids. Ehlert has been offering a wide range of consumer goods since 1924. You too can rely on many years of market experience and full service. Of course we also support you in making the right choice and advise you comprehensively on all your questions.

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