Procurement of disposable clothing remains challenging

The coronavirus is currently presenting us with greater challenges in the procurement of disposable clothing. The majority of our products in this range are produced in Asia. Although production has started again, we still expect bottlenecks depending on the production location and article.
If you have currently ordered PP/PE disposable clothing from us, we may not be able to provide you with the complete quantity. We are working flat out to procure new merchandise. In order to cover the demand as quickly as possible, we also make intermediate purchases. Therefore, please do not be surprised if you receive products in a different presentation. The articles correspond to the agreed and usual quality standard. However, higher prices are to be expected.
At present, the situation regarding the procurement of astro hoods continues to be very difficult. As an alternative we offer you disposable clip hoods and 3-layer mouth guards.
Due to the difficult procurement situation, we are giving priority to meeting our existing supply agreements. We are not closing any new deals at this time. Thank you for your understanding.

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Ehlert astro hood

Disposable clothing - properly dressed from head to toe

Workwear is required in many industries. It is used for the safety, protection and hygiene of both people and products. Especially in areas with high hygiene requirements you have to pay attention to clean and pure clothing.

For the protection of the clothing, but above all for the protection of the products, our disposable clothing is suitable in any case. In the Ehlert online shop you will find a wide range of clothing for disposable wear: from disposable hoods to disposable gloves and overshoes, you will find a large variety of products and always the right one for every application.

In technical terms, disposable clothing is what is known as protective clothing for limited multiple use. It is therefore only worn for a short period of time and must then be disposed of, at the latest when it has been contaminated with hazardous substances. Depending on the work environment, this can involve a wide variety of substances.

The protective clothing in our range is specially tailored to the requirements of the food industry and hygiene in these professional fields.

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Important aspects of disposable clothing

Not all disposable clothing is the same. The decision is not always easy and should be well thought out in advance in order to offer employees the highest possible comfort and the best possible protection. This means that direct contact of the disposable clothing with food should be permitted and the materials should be able to withstand the usual stresses of work. In addition, the protective clothing must of course be suitable for the intended use. The choice of whether to cover only certain parts of the body – such as the mouth, hands or shoes – or the entire body depends on the products and workplace design.

Disposable clothing in the food industry

Particularly in the food processing industry, it is important that those areas of the body that could lead to product contamination are fully covered by such protection in order to continue to comply with the guidelines in the food industry. Another important aspect is of course the comfort when wearing this clothing. If the disposable clothing is too tight or too loose, the employee cannot fully concentrate on his work.

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The right choice of disposable clothing

Disposable clothing can be used from head to toe. Make sure that the appropriate clothing is always available in sufficient quantities.

Without disposable clothing, your employees are not allowed to work in production and precious time is lost. In addition, you should also use the disposable clothing in different colors in the company.

In this way, you can immediately and clearly distinguish between different production and hygiene areas. You will find disposable clothing for every area and in many colours in our online shop.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our range managers.

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