Food clothing according to HACCP for your company

Workwear is a requirement in many professions and plays a fundamental role in the food industry for a number of reasons. It meets hygiene standards that are required by certain guidelines.

In the food sector, for example, these guidelines form the quality tool HACCP (“Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points”). The German translation of this is “Risiko-Analyse Kritischer Kontroll-Punkte”. The concept deals with the food industry and addresses potential hazards that could arise in this area.

In addition to the understanding of these danger points, the HACCP concept also deals with possible solutions as to how the corresponding risks can be avoided. HACCP workwear must therefore meet certain requirements so that it can be used in the food sector. This applies to various businesses such as bakeries, butchers, hotels, ice cream parlours as well as in retail and other food service providers.

However, depending on the field of work, the requirements differ and other factors take centre stage. In our online shop you will find a comprehensive selection of clothing for the food industry. Here you can get other clothing as well as food clothing according to HACCP. If you have any questions about the range of food clothing or if you need assistance with your choice, please feel free to contact our range managers.

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High demands on food clothing

The food industry goes hand in hand with strict guidelines – and rightly so. After all, it is only through strict controls and compliance with the high requirements that it is possible to ultimately deliver a high-quality product to the end consumer. Accordingly, this goal is accompanied by many rules that must be observed not only by the employees. Because the clothing also has to be right. Otherwise, hygienic deficiencies can lead to faster spoilage of the food, which in the worst case can go unnoticed until it is consumed by the end consumer.

HACCP guidelines for work clothing

For these reasons, you should definitely use HACCP work clothing. HACCP food clothing can be composed of different garments. But no matter what the garment, buttons are not permitted in any of the three risk classes. Accordingly, these must not be found on the smock or coat, on shirts or on trousers. From risk class 2 onwards, light-coloured clothing is also required in order to easily identify soiled clothing and thus ensure hygiene.

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The right food clothing for every application

In the food industry, working in cold premises is the norm. This is the only way to guarantee the quality of the food. For this purpose, the employees must be prepared and appropriately dressed. Especially during longer periods in the cold room combined with little movement, it can quickly become very cold.

The purchase of special thermal clothing provides a remedy here and thus ensures efficient processes despite the cold. We offer cold-insulating thermal clothing for both refrigeration and deep-freeze applications.

In addition to shirts, sweatshirts, undershirts or trousers, you will also find aprons and smocks as standard in our range. These are also used in the butcher’s shop or other comparable food producing or processing areas. Robust oil aprons, rubber aprons or butcher’s aprons are a good addition to disposable clothing for heavy-duty jobs.

To complete the clothing, caps or hats are also part of the HACCP workwear. Among other things, these protect against hair getting into unwanted places during food production or sale.

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