Ehlert stab and cut protection - standardised protection from professionals

Safety in the workplace is one of the basic requirements of food processing companies. Particular attention is paid to stab and cut protection equipment, especially in meat processing.

In the area of stab protection, you can therefore only order articles in our B2B online shop that at least comply with EN 1082-1. A stabbing guard that wants to meet this classification is in most cases made of a strong wire mesh that prevents the penetration of pointed or sharp objects.

In order to be able to guarantee a certain degree of wearing comfort even under wire gloves, suitable undergloves, usually made of cotton, are also recommended. These not only ensure temperature equalisation on the skin of the hands, they also collect sweat and prevent the exchange of bacteria. This gives extra hygiene and food safety. In addition, PE disposable gloves are essential when wearing them. Fixing rubbers ensure safety.

In order to be able to offer a comprehensive range of services for operational safety, Ehlert also provides an inclusive repair service for stab and cut protection equipment. This ensures that all necessary services, from purchasing to repair, come from a single source and always meet consistently high quality standards. As a professional supplier for the food processing industry, Ehlert brings decades of experience and knowledge to your operational environment and can thus provide you with all-round support.

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Cut protection at the highest level

When it comes to cut protection, Ehlert also places the highest value on product and employee safety. The cut protection gloves and cut protection trousers in the online shop of course comply with EN 388, according to which cut protection clothing must have certain properties with regard to their abrasion resistance, their tear and average resistance and of course their cut resistance. In addition, the clothing in this standard is classified in protection levels from one to five, whereby the cut protection gloves or cut protection trousers with the classification of category five have the highest possible cut protection.

Finding the right product through risk assessment

If you are not sure which level of protection is suitable for your company, a risk assessment can be carried out to show which activities in your food-producing company present a particular risk potential and should therefore be marked with a special level of protection. In order to meet the special requirements of the food industry, all stab and cut protection articles that you want to use in your business should be washable and not excessively restrict your employees in their ability to touch, grip and move. Consequently, ergonomics and comfort should also be taken into account in the case of cut protection equipment.

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Best advice for individual needs

Protective clothing always presents a particular challenge, especially in the food industry, as companies not only have to ensure that the clothing provides the right level of protection, but also that it is hygienically safe.

In its product range, Ehlert only offers articles that are already optimally adapted to the special requirements of the food industry and thus supports its customers right from the start with the ideal equipment for their companies.

Should you nevertheless or for this reason have any questions or comments, or simply wish to discuss general topics relating to the respective areas, our range managers are always happy to be contacted by telephone or e-mail.

In the range of stab and cut protection clothing you can reach our range managers at Our staff will also be happy to advise you on questions of application and operational safety and will sit down with you to find a clothing solution specifically for your operation.

Should the need for articles outside the Ehlert standard range arise in the course of this or at other times in your operating process, we will also be pleased to take care of the procurement of articles with properties specially tailored to your needs from certain purchase quantities. Ehlert has been active in the food industry for over 90 years and during this time has developed into a professional supplier for food producing companies.

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