Wetness protection clothing for your company

Depending on the occupational field and working environment, employees are confronted with different conditions during their work. Anyone working in a cold store or at a fresh food counter needs special insulated clothing that has a warming effect on the human body. Work in the meat department requires additional stab and cut protection.

In some food processing plants – such as butchers or butcher shops – as well as in the cleaning industry, employees encounter a lot of wetness. In this case, an integrated wetness protection garment is needed to protect the employees. For this reason, a wide range of wetness protection garments have been developed to meet the special requirements of such environments. The selection of clothing ranges from head to toe and, if necessary, covers the entire body.

Not in every case such a complete clothing of the whole body is necessary. Often it is enough to wear dungarees, aprons or rubber boots, which offer protection from the wet. Depending on the application, you can also buy them online with additional features.

You can find this and other clothing related to wetness protection in our online shop. If you have any questions or would like advice on our product range, please do not hesitate to contact us. For the department of wetness protection as well as for workwear and disposable clothing in general, you will find support from our range managers.

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Requirements for wetness protection clothing

Different requirements are placed on protective clothing worn during work than on leisure clothing. Depending on the environment, protective clothing may have to withstand extreme conditions and protect employees from injuries, hypothermia or hazardous substances. To ensure that employees do not take unnecessary risks during their work, care is taken to ensure that protective workwear meets the requirements of the various environments. Depending on the activity, these sometimes differ greatly from each other.

Protection classes for wet weather clothing

In the area of wetness protection clothing, for example, the focus is on protection against wetness. Here, not only water-repellent but also waterproof garments are required that keep the employee dry during the entire working time. In order to ensure this, there are various protection classes with conditions that must be fulfilled by the respective work clothing. Wetness protection clothing must accordingly keep water from penetrating and at the same time – in the case of shoes, for example – allow water vapour to escape. Furthermore, this protection against water must also be given after the clothes have been washed. Therefore, it is not always possible to clean the laundry in the industrial laundry. It is essential to consider this before buying and before washing, otherwise the protection against water may weaken.

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Finding the right wetness protection

Not all wetness protection is the same. Because here too there are considerable differences that need to be taken into account when choosing the right wet weather clothing. Depending on the garment, however, there are also other requirements that the corresponding garments must meet.

For example, shoes that are supposed to protect against moisture not only have this requirement, but should also be breathable and transport water vapor from the inside to the outside at the same time. If you need shoes with moisture protection, you have to deal with the terms water resistance and water vapour resistance. The water transmission resistance corresponds to the water visibility. Here, a particularly high value counts as positive. Water vapour transmission resistance, on the other hand, is the breathability of the shoe. This is particularly good the lower the value.

Depending on which leather and which membrane are used in the shoes, the values can vary greatly from shoe to shoe. Generally speaking, a shoe with the S2 or S3 designation protects against wetness for about 90 to 120 minutes. In addition, these two safety shoes have a protective toe cap to protect them from injury.

Wet weather clothing consists of more than just shoes. In addition, there are of course other garments such as jackets, trousers or aprons that are designed to keep wetness from penetrating through the top layer of clothing. If you want complete protection from head to toe, you need not only waterproof shoes, but also other clothing. Here a wetness protection dungarees in combination with a slip jacket is particularly suitable.

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