Work gloves for every area

Looking for professional gloves for your food manufacturing business? In our online shop, Ehlert offers you a wide range of gloves for every requirement in your production.

If you need classic disposable gloves for single use, you will find simple nitrile and vinyl gloves in various colours, with or without powder in our range. This guarantees a constant standard of hygiene in your company.

In addition, you will also find glove dispensers and, of course, the appropriate waste collectors to keep your company’s hygiene management as intuitive as possible.

If you also operate cold stores or process very cold or frozen goods, we recommend cold protection gloves for your employees. For a better overview we offer these gloves in different colours and designs to prevent confusion in different parts of your production.

At the other end of the spectrum, we of course have heat protection gloves for you to choose from. Different sizes ensure that the optimum protection can be offered for every hand size.

The importance of cleaning gloves should also not be underestimated. Especially when handling chemicals, appropriate protective equipment and hand protection is mandatory.

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Prick protection and cut protection gloves

We also pay special attention to our gloves for stabbing and cutting protection. We offer the gloves in seven standard sizes with different strap colours and with short, medium or long cuffs. The straps are made of a food-grade and water-repellent polyester rubber, which allows for quick and hygienic cleaning of the entire glove.

Suitable accessories for gloves

In addition, you will find fixing rubbers in our range, in order to be able to adapt the gloves optimally to the wearer and thus guarantee increased safety. In addition, you will also find gauntlet extensions for the stab protection gloves in our product range. For wearing comfort you will also find undergloves in different thicknesses as well as PE disposable gloves. In addition to the stab protection gloves, the cut protection gloves are also part of our assortment. We offer these for different areas of application and in 4 sizes. Like all Ehlert products that are intended to meet occupational safety requirements, our cut protection gloves also comply with EN 388. So you and your employees are always on the safe side.

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Professional outfitter with full service

Ehlert is your professional supplier for food producing companies. With more than 90 years of experience in the food industry, we can provide you with complete solutions to almost any problem or requirement in food manufacturing.

If you should miss a product in our assortment, do not hesitate to contact our respective assortment managers. As a special service for our customers, we offer to re-source the required goods especially for your company in case of certain quantities.

With our assortment we supply food producing companies with consumables for their daily operations. From cleaning products to disposable clothing and work safety equipment to decorative items and labelling equipment.

From simple disposable vinyl gloves to puncture resistant gloves, we offer a comprehensive range of hygienic gloves for every area of your production. Our own brand “Ehlert Profi” stands for best quality and safety according to the proven Ehlert quality guidelines, which all products of the Ehlert range have to meet.

You can also buy spare parts and tools from us. They follow the same strict selection criteria as, for example, our large machines and spices. This ensures a consistent and high quality standard that you can rely on when shopping at Ehlert.

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