Shoes, clogs and boots for the working environment

Work clothing is elementary in many professions. Wearing them is also often required throughout working hours. And not without reason – it protects the wearer or ensures that the environment remains sterile. If you depend on your workwear every day, you have to trust that it is of high quality and has additional functions depending on your needs.

Depending on the industry, profession and environment, the individual requirements also often vary greatly. In the food industry, for example, disposable clothing is additionally used to maintain cleanliness, while in other areas the use of the strongest possible gloves, helmets and other items of clothing is resorted to.

Even the same garments can meet different requirements. Here, among other things, the materials used are of great importance and lead to further functions of the clothing. So one jacket keeps you dry in the rain, while the other is worn in cold areas, like the refrigeration department, to prevent hypothermia. Whether it’s protection against cold, wetness, puncture wounds, germs and more – in many professions, workwear has to be right from head to toe in order to be able to do the job optimally and minimise risks at the same time.

And that’s not all: especially those who have to wear work or safety shoes at work depend on a high level of wearing comfort to avoid getting blisters. In our online shop you will find a variety of work and safety shoes for different applications. We carry well-known brands that not only focus on high quality, but also on the best wearing comfort. Let one of our range managers advise you extensively so that you can buy exactly the right shoes online.

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Work shoes in versatile use

Especially in the food industry, employees often walk on oily or greasy floors. Since this cannot be avoided and the wrong footwear can quickly lead to accidents, work shoes with special soles must be used. This is identified by the designations SRA, SRB or SRC. But it is not only in the food industry that special demands are placed on professional shoes. For example, white lace-up shoes are also used in hospitals, nursing services, in the pharmaceutical industry or in the service and cleaning sectors. When working in special risk areas for the feet, such as in the warehouse or shipping, shoes with special safety features such as a steel toe cap or safety cap or with a slip-resistant sole must be worn.

Safety classes of work shoes

Anyone who is about to purchase new work shoes must also have the safety classes in mind and make the right choice for their own needs. The safety classes are subdivided according to the injury potential of the activity to be performed. Here, models are required that have a closed shoe shape, a protective toe cap or a slip-resistant midsole. Working in the wet, rain or mud requires rainproof footwear. Rubber boots are a good choice here, for example, as they keep the feet dry for a long time even when damp or splashed with water and are easy to clean again.

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Demands on work shoes

Not all work shoes are the same. Just as with the rest of the clothing, the same applies here: The market offers a wide range of suitable shoes for different areas.

The big task here is to make the right choice and find the optimal professional shoes for the work environment. There are different questions to be answered:

  • What are the primary requirements for the shoes?
  • Are clogs, rubber boots or perhaps lace-up shoes more suitable for professional use?
  • How long are the work shoes worn?
  • Do they serve as uniform workwear or do they have a special function?

Depending on the profession, the answers can be very different. Work shoes have a completely different requirement than leisure shoes. Accordingly, a completely different quality and workmanship is expected here.

So that it can be worn for the many hours every day without any problems, it is not only high quality that is of great importance. The fit also plays a central role here. Every foot has a different shape and accordingly there are shoes that are more suitable for one fit than another. In this context, for example, the three different physiological foot types such as the Greek, Egyptian or Roman foot fall into this category. These differ basically in the length of the individual toes. Furthermore, there are particularly narrow as well as wide feet and other differences.

Shoe size also plays a big role in the end. Many work clogs are therefore also offered in larger sizes, in order to be able to offer each employee the right footwear.

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