Spices, herbs & seasoning mixtures for perfecting taste

Whatever the dish, the right herbs, spices or even whole spice blends can be used to spice it up, finish it or top it off. Like the icing on the cocoa, herbs and spices should not be missing from a high-quality product. But it should not be just any herbs and spices, but exactly those that perfect the meat, the salad or the menu. Perfection of enjoyment down to the smallest detail – that is the goal of the appropriate amount and type of herbs and spices.

To create the desired taste experience, not only the right spices and herbs have to be used in food production. The quality and processing of the spices and herbs in production is also crucial. In our B2B online shop you will find a comprehensive range of spices, herbs and more, specially adapted to the specific needs of the food industry.

Spices and herbs can be found in various grain sizes, consistencies or preparations – whether rubbed, ground, cut, refined with other ingredients, whole, fine or whole. Organic qualities of the highest quality are also constantly available for you in our shop. If you have any specific questions about our spice range or would like advice on individual spices and herbs, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can reach our assortment managers for spices by e-mail at gewuerze@ehlert-gmbh.de or by telephone. Here you will not only be helped with specific questions about spices and herbs, but you will also receive general assistance with your concerns about food processing plants, equipment or complete solutions for your production.

If, despite our extensive range of goods, you should ever miss an article, we will be happy to take care of the exclusive purchase for you. Of course, the proven Ehlert quality requirements are not left behind, so that you can always rely on a consistently high level.

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Spices & herbs for that certain something

There is more to successful food than just seasoning soup with salt or sprinkling a little pepper on meat. In order for the individual foodstuffs to develop their flavours to the full, additional ingredients are needed during production. Attention to detail pays off especially when it comes to seasoning. Special blends that spotlight meat and other foods are most effective when freshly mixed. The aromatic or pungent tasting ingredients of plants are used for this purpose. These include basil, oregano, marjoram or thyme, but also mustard seed and mustard flour, pepper, leek and garlic.

The processing makes the difference

Other selected spices in the Ehlert range naturally include the classics paprika, pepper and various salts as well as other diverse raw spices. In addition, we also produce ready-made spice mixtures or your very own desired mixture. Depending on the nature of your products and raw materials and the respective taste preference, certain processing methods of our spices are more or less suitable. Generally speaking, a coarser processing brings out a much more intense flavor of the individual spices & herbs. Finely ground spices, on the other hand, also allow for more subtle tasting blends. Combinations of these forms of processing result in finely tuned recipes with different nuances of taste.

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More than a spice wholesaler

With spices, herbs and spice mixtures, basically all dishes and recipes can be refined or varied. In some cases, however, technological or sensory additives are still necessary. These include flavourings, colourings or starter cultures.

Around one third of all food produced is based on starter cultures. These include, for example, raw sausage, baked goods, yoghurt, cheese and beer. In sausage production, for example, such cultures inhibit putrefactive bacteria and lead to a stabilized raw sausage.

Own seasoning mixtures

Our in-house seasoning blends are based on traditional recipes that we have perfected over the years in collaboration with our customers. We use exactly the same raw materials for our blends that we also supply to our customers as raw spices.

Individual seasoning mixtures from 35kg

This also applies to your individual seasoning mix, which we can develop for you from a batch size of 35 kg. We are also happy to use existing mixtures and improve them together with you and according to your requirements. We are also fast and flexible when it comes to adapting mixtures. As we produce batch sizes from 350 to 700kg depending on the product and always to order, we can implement changes in components and composition in each batch so that you always produce an excellent end product. We always carry out a trace declaration of the mixtures due to the potential (not real, but imaginable) contamination with allergens present in the production.

Halal certification?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer you a Halal certification, because we also trade goods in the company, which are basically contrary to this.

Standard container size

Our standard container sizes are 1 kg or 25 kg containers. We are unable to do retail packaging or promotional gift packaging.

If you have any further questions about our spices, spice mixtures and herbs, our product range managers Daniela Liepelt and Georg Stennes will be happy to help you by telephone or e-mail(gewuerze@ehlert-gmbh.de).

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