Artificial casings as durable sausage packaging

As a special type of casings, artificial casings are often used in production in the food industry. Especially in connection with the production of sausages they like to be seen. Overall, artificial casings are used in around 50 % of all sausage packaging, the other half being covered by natural casings. In order to cover the variety of sausage products and the necessary characteristics for complete enjoyment, the Ehlert range online has an equally varied selection of artificial casings ready for you. Here in the B2B online shop you will find different variations of the intestines collagen, peel, multilayer art, fiber and energy intestines again. We will be happy to advise you if you would like to buy artificial casings.

Artificial casings are much more than just the outer casing of the sausage product. Depending on how it is made, it is considered to have specific characteristics which contribute to its perfection when prepared and eaten. In addition to special properties that natural casings do not have, artificial casings for sausages can also serve as a casing for a vegetarian sausage. However, it is essential to ensure that the artificial casing is really free of animal components. This is not always the case. Therefore, be sure to look at the ingredient list before making a decision. If you still have questions or are unsure while choosing the right casing, please do not hesitate to contact our expert advisors.

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Advantages of artificial casings

Artificial casings are said to have various positive properties, which are sometimes more and sometimes less important depending on the claim. As already mentioned, there are many other sausage casings in our online shop besides the collagen-based artificial casings. Artificial sausage casings convince with the following advantages, which natural casings do not have: Artificial casings are usually and depending on the material impermeable to fungi, germs, bacteria and oxygen and can positively influence the shelf life of the contents. Furthermore, due to the impermeability of artificial casings, sausages do not lose weight during storage or scalding. They are usually more stable and thus can withstand more.

Artificial casings based on collagen

The alternatives to natural casings can consist of different components. The collagen-based variant is such artificial casings, which are similar to natural casings in the property of edibility. The basis of these special artificial casings is a component which is formed as a by-product during the production of leather. However, natural casings and collagen-based artificial casings are also similar in terms of odour, transparency and flexibility. These properties bring with them many advantages: the odourless casings can wonderfully take on the notes of the sausage, are boil-proof due to their stability and also produce a crisp sound when bitten into.

Possible applications of collagen casings

These artificial casings are used above all for boiled sausages, fried sausages and raw sausages. Preparation methods of the sausage specialities such as scalding, drying and smoking up to certain temperatures can be carried out without hesitation – the packaging withstands this. In addition, the collagen casing even allows steam, smoke and moisture to pass through and is ideally suited for these procedures. Only when cooking should be careful, because here the collagen casings can quickly burst. A disadvantage compared to natural casings is also the faster bursting during roasting or grilling. Ehlert’s online assortment has various types of collagen casings ready for you.

Fibre and peel casings

Furthermore, in addition to collagen-based artificial casings, our extensive range also includes fibre and peel casings. Fibrous casings are used in the production of raw sausages because of their high water permeability. When smoked, they have the advantage that they shrink with the sausage and thus do not become misshapen. Sheep casings are particularly suitable for cooked sausages and are often used as an alternative to sheep seedlings, whereby the sausage casing is removed again after smoking. Both fibrous casings and peel casings are available from Ehlert in various designs. Discover also the other artificial casings from our assortment with all their advantages.

Making the right choice of diameter

Decisive for the appropriate choice of sausage casing for your sausage speciality is, apart from important properties, the diameter of the casing. This is expressed in a unit specially devised for sausage casings called calibre. Two important figures are used for this specification: While the first number describes the diameter in mm, the second number additionally indicates the length of the sausage casing in cm. The calibre 60/30 therefore indicates that the artificial casing has a diameter of 60 mm and a length of 30 cm. Depending on whether you want to offer large or small sausages, the calibre should be chosen accordingly.

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Qualitative all-round service from Ehlert

Ehlert not only offers a comprehensive range of products for the food industry, our service extends far beyond this: Our customers are always at the centre of our attention! You can rely on reliable and competent advice. Our consultants and advisors have exactly the right answers to your questions – whether it’s information on individual products, tips on application or recommendations for your requirements. And of course all this without any obligation!

Extensive product range at Ehlert

Profit from our decades of market experience! We know what is important nowadays, and of course we are constantly developing. Only in this way can we guarantee you exactly what you need in terms of aids. From around 18,000 stock items and a good 40,000 assortment items, you have a wide selection to choose from – products in many different variations are always ready for you in our warehouse. And if there should be something you can’t find in our assortment, just ask us – and we will gladly take care of it for you.

Our assortment

As a contrast to the artificial casings, you will of course also find an extensive selection of natural casings in our online shop. But we can also support you with numerous other important products. For example, the right packaging – whether for your sausage product or other food products – is essential and can help preserve your high-quality food. In order to eliminate even the last possible source of contamination, special cleaning agents as well as work clothing adapted to the environment are very important. However, before the sausage goes into the artificial or natural casing, spices and herbs must be added in many cases. Refine the flavour, perfect your products and let your customers taste this flavour perfection with suitable spice blends. In some cases, additives and flavourings are also added. Last but not least, we have a wide variety of machines and equipment as well as other dairy supplies in our assortment. Rely on high quality right from the start!

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