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Corona rip-off artists on the move: BGN warns of dubious offers

Profiting when others are in crisis. Unfortunately, we are not spared this in the Corona era. The Berufsgenossenschaft Nahrungsmittel und Gastgewerbe (BGN) is now warning against precisely such black sheep.

The Corona crisis is forcing many companies to rethink. Uncertainty arises from existing regulations and precautions that could change on a daily basis. And it is precisely this uncertainty that Corona rip-off artists exploit. They falsely pretend to be experts and want to sell their products to companies.

Specifically, according to a BGN member company, the Corona rip-off is a Mr. Schneider from BGN. He should call businesses and strongly offer mouth-nose protection, surgical masks, and disinfectants.

But there is no Mr Schneider in the BGN. The head of prevention there, Isabel Dienstbühl, clearly distances herself from these calls: “Under no circumstances do we call member companies and sell anything on the phone.”

Unfortunately, such cases of fraud by phone call are not uncommon: Already in the past, crises were exploited and companies were harassed. Whether first-aid kits, signs, fire extinguishers or comparable products: Often, supposed changes in occupational safety regulations are used as a pretext for this kind of harassment.

Corona rip-off on the phone or not – What to do if unsure?

Whoever receives a call from Mr. Schneider from the BGN or someone comparable who wants to push you into a purchase: remain critical of it. The BGN stresses not to make these types of calls.

If in doubt, you can contact the BGN prevention hotline. Call 0621/4456-3517 to find out whether the contact – written or verbal – actually comes from the BGN.

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