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Hygiene and spring cleaning

The cold days become rarer – but the sun shows up more and more often in March. The first flowers are already sprouting and the birds are chirping. Clearly, spring is here! As nature freshens up, it’s also time to pick up a rag and sponge for some spring cleaning.

Squeegees and accessories from Vikan

Wipe, wipe, hurray! With rubber squeegees from our Vikan range, the worries of winter are quickly forgotten. Excess water is simply removed along with any dirt – without leaving streaks or stains. Excess moisture is a thing of the past.

Currently on offer with us:


241 L
  • Rubber squeegees from Vikan
  • Conveniently exchangeable rubber insert
  • Excellent suitability for the food industry
  • Available in different colors

From only € 20.60 each

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Skin care and disinfection for professionals

Protection and care are part of disinfection like coffee is part of a cake. Because the prerequisite for effective hand hygiene is intact skin. Frequent washing and disinfecting is the best weapon against viruses, germs and the like. Unfortunately, this does not leave your hands without a trace: dry and cracked skin can be the unpleasant result. How good that our range not only includes effective disinfectants and practical dispensers, but also the right skin care products – for clean work in all areas.

Currently on offer with us:


90593 L
  • Sensitive skin protection cream
  • Protects and cares for the skin barrier
  • Perfume-free and very good skin tolerance
  • Contents: 1 liter

From just € 30.71 per bottle

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Insect killers in different designs

In spring nature comes to life again – and with it the annoying crawling animals. Wherever there is something to eat, insects are not far either. That is why it also makes its way to food processing companies. With an insect killer, nothing will fly through the kitchen anymore. The UV light attracts flies, wasps, mosquitoes and the like, even in daylight. Sticked to the adhesive film, they stay away from your delicacies.

Currently on offer with us:


61598 L
  • 30 watts of power
  • Model to be attached to the ceiling
  • Stainless steel version
  • 475 x 160 x 355 mm

From only € 312.00 each

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With Ehlert, it’s not just your business that stays clean!

As a supply chain specialist for the food industry, in addition to our large range of hygiene and cleaning agents, we also offer everything else you need for your daily needs. And should you not find what you are looking for in our shop with over 18,000 articles, just talk to our competent advisors for each area.

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