Like on the presentation plate – this applies more to food than to other products. The requirements are high, the working conditions strict. And the customers are critical. Regardless of whether it is about the crunchy sausage for in between or spicy, fragrant game in a homemade sauce. No hair, no flakes may be found in the sauce. Disposable hoods are extremely practical in this regard and the selection should not be underestimated! From the type to the color, you decide how you and / or your employees look. Which characteristics are important to you? We will introduce you to the possibilities.

Why are disposable hoods so practical?

First things first: disposable hoods are part of disposable clothing and can therefore be put on and taken off quickly. Dry cleaning? Storage after use? Neither plays a role: no time is wasted, the disposable hoods can be disposed of quickly and easily.

Learn about all the other benefits of disposable hoods.

  • Food protection: Not every customer is always looking for the fly in the ointment. But those who actually find it are anything but thrilled. For you, this could not only mean one less customer, but also a loss of image or other consequences. Since hairs and flakes in particular can come off at any time, disposable hoods protect your food.
  • Avoidance of cross-contamination: How hygienic does it have to be? For different departments it is worthwhile to have your own disposable hoods, which are only worn within the specific area. When changing to another department, a new disposable hood must be provided. The upside? Possible bacteria and viruses remain in the department, cross-contamination is thus avoided. And the whole thing without any real extra effort.
  • Wide range of applications: One hood, numerous application sites. Disposable protection such as astro hoods meet the hygiene regulations of many areas, including food processing or handling equipment. Smaller butcheries or food-producing companies in particular do not need a great variety of products to be able to work in accordance with the regulations.
  • Food safe: What if a disposable hood comes into contact with food? Usually this is not a big deal, as long as the hood has not been worn before. Our hoods comply with the relevant regulations and are allowed to come into contact with the food for a short period of time.
  • Flexibility with any hairstyle: long hair or big curly head? For astro hoods, the hair structure and length does not matter. Thanks to the elastic material texture, every hairstyle finds enough space under the hood.
  • High wearing comfort: Walking around all day with a cap on your head can be quite exhausting. This is not the case with our astro hoods: an elastic band or similar means securely fixes the disposable hood to the head. No slipping. And thanks to the thin material for single use, the hood is very light.
  • Prevention of heat accumulation: The scalp is also pleased with the light, air-permeable mesh structure. Despite long periods of wear, the typical perspiration that caps or other head protection cause is prevented. The skin can continue to breathe, heat build-up is prevented and comfort is once again increased.
  • Flexibility for every head type: Depending on the model, the fixation of the disposable hood can be a little different. Nevertheless, the following applies: The necessary protection is only given when the hood closes tightly around the face. Then no single hair, no skin flake can make its way out. Most hoods are flexible in size to fit the wearer.

Many ways with disposable hoods for food producing companies

What color would you like?

Probably the biggest choice you get is in colors. Depending on the model, Ehlert offers you more than just the standard red, green, yellow, blue and white. Perfect, therefore, if you want to separate individual departments by colour.

For good reason: Different colours separate areas that should not be mixed with each other. Above all, a uniform colour system prevents cross-contamination and also visibly demarcates the tasks of the individual employees. For example, give kitchen, production, cleaning and visitors different colors. This designation should, of course, be communicated with each department. Once established, each employee can be quickly and easily assigned.

Little hint: Blue is not found in any natural food. The perfect colour for disposable clothing of any kind. If an unused astro hood falls into the wrong pot, it can be found again quickly.

Systematic enjoyment – that is also our motto, our goal for your food business. That is why we offer them not only a wide range of colors. Get to know all the advantages of our in-house products.

High quality disposable hoods from Ehlert

Generally, disposable clothing is much cheaper because the materials have lower demands: They do not have to be robust, thick or washable. Nevertheless, the wearing comfort should not suffer, otherwise it may affect the work of the wearer. We care about the quality of your workforce, which is why we offer the right product line for every purpose:

  • Ehlert Basic convinces with a particularly good price-performance ratio. These products are less expensive to purchase, but completely fulfill their purpose. Large quantities at small prices, in other words.
  • Ehlert Profi is the high-quality product line. Careful workmanship, well thought-out designs and good wearing comfort are the hallmarks of these product ranges. This precision inevitably raises prices somewhat.

As standard, you will find our products in packaging units of 100 or 1000 disposable hoods. Elastic and soft rubber straps allow high wearing comfort even during prolonged use. Without pressing, cutting, rubbing or slipping. In addition, the hoods adapt to any head size and shape. If they are too small, you will find alternatives in XL.

All hoods meet the HACCP standards – for optimum practicality with high hygiene requirements.

Get to know our selection:
From astro hoods to peaked caps

In our assortment you can choose from the following variants:

  • Disposable astro hoods
  • Disposable beret hoods
  • Disposable Clip Hoods
  • Disposable Umbrella Hoods

Find out which model is best suited for your application! We give you an insight into the different types of hoods and areas of application.

PP disposable hoods: The right choice of material

Plastic as disposable clothing often makes the skin sweat quickly and in many cases is even harmful to health. For our disposable hoods we have therefore chosen the best form of this material: polypropylene. Products made of PP do not contain any harmful plasticizers, which distinguishes them from conventional plastic alternatives. Another advantage is its elasticity: even at temperatures around zero degrees, the disposable hoods remain flexible. At the refrigerated counters or in cold stores a definite plus.

If you care about the environment, PP is also the right choice: unlike other types of plastic, this material is easier to recycle.

Disposable astro hoods: united mouth and head protection

2009 Ehl hoods 03

They probably look most like a balaclava: a characteristic feature of astro hoods is their hood-like shape with a sewn-in mouth guard. Only the eyes are still exposed, all other parts of the face – head, neck, mouth and nose – are well hidden and protected. Extremely hygienic and therefore particularly attractive for slaughterhouses. If you prefer a different disposable hood, this can be supplemented with the aid of a mouth and beard protector to provide comparable protection.

Like a balaclava, the astro hood is simply pulled over the head. It is made of lightweight PP (polypropylene). Around the nose wing area, a moldable temple allows for adjustment to any nose shape. The elastic on the upper sides of the mouth-nose guard provides additional flexibility.

Pink, blue, yellow, black or something else? You will find our astro hoods in numerous colours – even beyond the standard colours. The latex-free material allows even wearers with latex intolerance high comfort and protection.

Disposable beret hoods: The classics among hoods

2009 Ehl hoods 04

Simple, classic and flexible: the beret hood is probably the most common form among disposable hoods. Their primary protection is the top of the head and hair. Even thick curls and long hair find their place here confidently. The flexible shape adapts wonderfully to the head – and if the standard size doesn’t fit, you’ll find others in our range.

An elastic band at the opening fixes the headgear – a relief especially on hectic days. This allows the disposable beret to be put on and taken off quickly and easily.

Disposable clip hoods: Particularly hygienic for every application

2009 Ehl hoods 01

Their name already gives it away: These disposable hoods are “clipped” for fixation. An additional elastic band also creates the necessary flexibility for any head shape. The clip hoods are particularly popular thanks to their promising hygiene: when clipped into position, neither dander nor hair can escape. In the food industry, this is an elementary property of disposable protection.The thin fabric prevents possible heat build-up under the hood when worn for long periods. This is particularly gentle on the skin and hair. And after use? The disposable clip hood can be quickly removed and disposed of. In our online shop you will find the disposable clip hoods made of PP in different colours, if required also in a particularly high number of pieces per box.

Disposable canopies: Effective integrated light protection

2009 Ehl hoods 02

You and your employees are perfectly shielded thanks to this special disposable hood: The shielding hood has a small screen at the front that is quite something. Sun at the sales stand or aggressive light exposure at the workplace? Often cannot be prevented. Especially in the long run this is harmful for the eyes. The small integrated screen reliably protects the eyes.

But that’s not the only advantage of an umbrella hood: as a bump shield, it creates protective distance between the face and equipment that could potentially become dangerous.

Everything under one hood and always at your side

Haven’t found your disposable hood yet? Never mind! We will be happy to help you with your selection and present you with suitable solutions for your everyday work requirements. Of course, you can expect honest value for money and equally honest advice.

Even apart from astro hoods, Ehlert is the right place for you: with complete disposable clothing, important tools, spare parts and spices. As a supply chain specialist, our online shop creates the ideal conditions for you to obtain everything from a single source. We are happy to advise you on any concerns beyond disposable hoods. Use your advantage and trust in a specialist dealer who knows about the conditions and requirements at any time in the food industry: Ehlert is always and reliably at your side.

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