In private life, online shopping can sometimes not go on long enough. Why? The functions are diverse and enable precise results – and then you will be spoiled for choice from all sorts of products. But hours of searching for the right items in everyday working life are the horror of every buyer. In B2B in particular, employees suffer from clutter, confusing product ranges and complicated processes.

How good that you are spared that! Because Ehlert relies on the Intershop shop solution. Doesn’t mean anything to you? No problem! You are only interested in the functions and their advantages. Would you like a taste? Then read on!

Because your time is precious

Unfortunately, we cannot provide you with an emotional shopping world full of anticipation of the delivery as in private everyday life. Unless you’re an enthusiastic foodie. However, we do not sacrifice excellent shopping experiences. With simplified ordering processes, efficient administration and best usability. You keep the overview – at any time! Integrate the ordering processes into your existing processes and create seamless workflows.

Ordering has never been so easy

Why are you a customer with us, if not to order items you need? Since everything revolves around orders, we would like to make them easier for you. Whether you have just registered or are already a regular customer: Are you already familiar with all our functions that make your everyday work easier? If not, get to know them now!

Order templates

2009 Ehl order specification

If your specially created sausages are a perennial favourite, you certainly won’t want to do without them – and neither will your customers. Do you always use the same gut, the same spice mixes? All the better! Order templates simplify ordering items that you need regularly and repeatedly. They function like a notepad – or your company wish list.

You can create an order template in three ways: Either you add an item to the order template and then create a new one. Or you first create the order template in the menu item in your customer account and then add the desired items. And if you already have all the repeating items in your shopping cart, you can easily turn that into an order template as well.

Have you improved your specialties with a different recipe, refined them with additional ingredients or created entirely new creations? Are larger quantities required? Don’t bother with new order templates, just edit the existing one. You can:

  • adjust the quantities in your customer account – by the way, this also works in the shopping cart,
  • Remove items you no longer need,
  • Move items to other order templates,
  • change the names of the order templates as desired
  • and much more.

Scan quickly and continue working

2009 Ehl barcode scanning

Your employees are in the middle of production when they notice it: They’re running low on food or supplies. Before they forget, they interrupt their work and pass the information on to someone in charge. Or does your buyer make his regular inspection tour through the departments and notes down where which products need to be reordered?

All far too complicated and costly! Especially when it comes to regularly used articles, you can make your work much easier: Print out the respective order template for the individual departments or the magazine – for each department, of course, an individual one tailored to the work and employees. Then hang them laminated in a suitable place. Now you or your employees only have to scan the items into the shopping cart: The barcode is located next to each item. The order is therefore placed directly when required and is neither forgotten nor associated with too much effort.

Scan article via the label

You can also scan in via your smartphone! A supplement to the above variant, only with smartphone and label: For this function, log in to our shop in the browser on your device and select “Barcode Scanner” in the customer account menu. All items can then be scanned using the barcode on our labels with your smartphone camera. They´ll be added directly to the shopping cart. Control and check-out can then be carried out as usual on the PC.

No paperwork, no notes – just order directly on the spot.

Direct order

2009 Ehl quick order

Do you not want to spend a lot of time searching for items and adding them to your shopping cart? Do you have a delivery note or an invoice from us with the article numbers of the products you want to order? Then do without the search! Use the direct order: simply enter the article number and quantity – done! It is best to enter your internal material number for the article in the shopping cart, this will make your future orders even easier.

Do you maintain your inventories in Excel? Or can you export a CSV from your ERP? Very good! Then you can even save yourself the manual entry by uploading the CSV. In order to harmonize with our systems, the file must be structured as follows:

  • 1st column: Article number
  • 2nd column: Quantity

That’s it!

Order history

2009 Ehl order history

Order history is a must, of course. But we would like to offer you the best possible usability here as well. This means in plain language: You can view all old orders as usual, including details such as order overview, status, payment, shipping data and more. But you can also search for specific orders – quickly and easily.

Price quotations and negotiations

2009 Ehl price request

We keep the flair of local shopping: simply selecting items and ordering them may not be so easy after all for many reasons. And that is why you can request concrete price quotations for individual products from our range. Make us understand your request with a comment – as with a local purchase, you surely have a reason for this price request. Or fill in your expectations.

If we have processed your request, you will find the feedback in your account. You can finally add the offer to your shopping cart or negotiate further.

Forecast: According to your ordering behaviour

2009 Ehl forecast

Our forecast or virtual order management supports you in your ordering: Based on your previous ordering behaviour, we determine when you should order an article again in order to avoid a demand bottleneck. Of course, the more regularly and extensively you order items from us, the more reliably this help will work.

You will find your forecast after logging in to our shop at the top right below the main navigation. It’s definitely worth taking a look at the forecast to avoid reordering and forgetting anything.


2009 Ehl complaints

Yes, unfortunately, complaints do happen even to us. But we would also like to make this more pleasant for you. How does that work? Very simple: directly from your order history. To do this, simply call up the order from which you want to complain about an article in your customer account and press the complaint button. Then fill out the complaint form directly and send it off.

Via DPD or our own logistics we will pick up the claimed item for you. It depends on how you are supplied. Feel free to contact us by phone if you have any questions.

"My Account" - Dashboard

2009 Ehl Dashboard

What would a customer account be without a reasonable overview page? That’s why you and your employees see on your dashboards exactly what is interesting and important at any given time. Depending on the previously assigned user role (purchaser, approver or account administrator), different details can be found.

Buyers receive information on the status and amount of their orders. They also see the order settings, a list of their order templates and the respective status of the price request made – if any. Approvers will find the activities of all users and quickly get to their own tasks, such as confirmed, rejected or pending orders.

An account administrator is shown the overall view of the company account.

Map your business processes

With more than one party involved in your purchasing processes, it can quickly become confusing. Wouldn’t the possibilities for rights and role assignments come to your aid. You have already received an outline of these in the last chapter. But we don’t want to deprive you of anything – and present you with all the possibilities of how you can clearly map your company processes in our shop.

Distribute rights and roles

2009 Ehl Distribution of Rights and Roles

The integrated self-service option allows you to make settings and assign rights yourself. As already mentioned, three roles are possible: purchaser, approver and account administrator. And this is what the rolls look like in detail:


  • make and manage your own purchases
  • quote


  • all possibilities of the buyer
  • Approve or reject open purchase orders

Account Administrator

  • Create or delete users
  • Edit profile information of all users
  • Assign a role and budget to each user
  • Access to user overview (list of all users, their last login, budget thresholds and roles)

Cost centers and budgets

2009 Ehl costs and budget

Don’t want to have to approve every purchase first? Small routine orders should be able to take place directly, but larger ones should be checked first? But at what point is a purchase too large and must first be approved? And does the limit look the same for all departments?

The account administrator of your company can define all this individually! To do this, he simply creates a cost center – for a specific department, for example – and sets the general conditions. This means that he can assign a weekly, monthly, quarterly or fixed budget to each cost center. Once this is done, he assigns the cost center to those purchasers and approvers who are involved in it. Once set up correctly, the processes now run themselves and you no longer have to worry about their budgets.

Your buyers select the cost center for which they are now purchasing. If the available budget is not exceeded, the order is placed automatically. Otherwise, the approver will be notified of the need to release an order. Buyers can see the status of their orders in their account, marked as open, approved or rejected. If the approver rejects the order, he can additionally write a comment with the reason.

New standards for your purchasing

Easy shopping? This has long been a reality at Ehlert! With a shop tailored to your needs – and the shopping experience becomes the easiest of daily tasks for you. Thanks to many functions you have a lot of creative freedom. From small to large, from flat to steep hierarchies: all purchasing processes can be mapped wonderfully and all orders can be facilitated from now on. Choose the ordering process that suits you best. Set up roles and budgets. And automate your purchases at Ehlert.
If you’re still a little overwhelmed with all the options, we’re here to help. Contact us! We look forward to you.

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