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20. Januar 2023

The current situation: raw materials and spices

Due to the Corona pandemic, there are also restrictions on the supply of raw materials & spices – find out more in our article now!


Like spices, herbs are also believed to have health-promoting properties. Economically and politically, the powdery flavor enhancers should not be underestimated either. Nevertheless, all these categories are subject to nature. When wind and weather spoil the harvest, business and politics have their hands tied. Nevertheless, we want to do our best to help you add spice and zest to your food.

Herbs are in short supply these days. This is because of the poor harvest due to the hot summer of 2019. Unfortunately, this also means that the prices of our herbs will rise in 2020 due to low stocks.

Juniper berries

Of course, the weather conditions hit not only savory herbs and spices, but also sweet fruits. Juniper berries are particularly sought after in 2020. Supplies of the berries have almost run out and cannot be easily replenished due to an earthquake in the growing region of Albania. So unfortunately nature is throwing a spanner in the works here. Because of the earthquake, the juniper berry crop last year and this year is poor.

Additives and flavour enhancers

But we have good news for you: if you decide to preserve food longer, we can help you with ascorbic acid, E-300 and sodium ascorbate, E-301. So far, we are assuming that the prices of our additives will remain at a consistently low level. With these, usually white, powders you prevent fish from developing too strong an odor of its own. Fats and oils do not go rancid and cut fruit does not turn brown.

Antioxidants, true to their name, ensure that oxygen cannot harm your food. In addition, they enrich foods with vitamin C.

Oils and fats

Whether for frying, baking, cooking or deep-frying: Oils and fats form the (taste) basis of delicious dishes. Sunflower or rapeseed oil have therefore become indispensable in the daily use of food processing companies.

As in previous years, the situation regarding the procurement of these two oils remains tense. This called the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Food (BMEL) into action. It published statistics on this subject, which show, among other things, the world supply of the seven most important oilseeds. This also includes rape and sunflowers.

The supply of rapeseed showed a downward trend of 3.9%. The reason for this was the restriction of the area under cultivation by around 12 %. Declines in Germany and France were particularly significant. The more severe weather conditions from year to year and the declining acreage increased the demands on farmers. In recent years, many farmers have had to struggle with dry soils, which made it difficult to grow canola.

Consumers are switching to sunflower or other oils with the knowledge that canola is in short supply. Of course, this also influences pricing on the market. Further information can also be found in these statistics.

Spices and raw materials continue to be procured – Ehlert helps

We are fully aware that supply shortages and price increases lurk in many areas. But we will try everything possible to continue to supply you with herbs, spices, oils and raw materials such as juniper berries.

If you have any suggestions, questions or requests regarding this article or our product range, please contact the Ehlert GmbH team. We are there for you by phone, e-mail or via our contact form. Please do not hesitate to contact us!