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Like a rolling Stone

For 100 years, we have been a consultant and service provider on and behind the stage of consumer goods - a journey through four generations. Immerse yourself with us in our history: 100 years of Ehlert.

Dream A Little Dream Of Me


Immerse yourself in the beginnings of our history and discover the most exciting moments of our first 25 years at Ehlert.

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Our story begins on April 1, 1924, when founder Gustav Ehlert lays the foundation stone of our entrepreneurial journey and opens his butcher's store in downtown Gütersloh.

Full of hope and zest for action, he dreams of a successful future for the young company. Meanwhile, reality has forged its own plan, bringing success but also putting obstacles in the way...

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough


Find out here how we overcame the challenges of this era and continued to write our history.

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We immerse ourselves in an era of change: the arrival of Karl-Gustav Ehlert, the second generation of the company, marks the beginning of a new era, while at the same time the reconstruction of the business and residential building, which was destroyed in 1945, begins.

The company must now prove its resilience...



Discover the highlights of this exciting time here!

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Literally. A wild, varied and successful chapter begins for the Ehlert company:

Martin Ehlert ushers in the third generation by joining the family business, the in-house trade fair expands and establishes itself, international imports expand the diversity of the product range in the new warehouse, while the Berlin Wall falls and the digital age arrives - phew, and that's not all...

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Explore our special milestones of the last 25 years here!

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The Ehlert company is growing steadily. At the beginning of the 2000s, we were bursting at the seams: We have developed from a conventional trading company into a successful logistics service provider.

We are building strong teams and adapting to new challenges. In 2019, the fourth generation takes over: Philipp Ehlert joins Tobias Ortkras (2017) in the Ehlert cockpit as the second Managing Director. We are heading towards the future with combined strength...