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Boom in demand for packaged bread and baked goods

Bread and baked goods are in high demand at all times, but now during the pandemic there is an increased demand. Compared to the same month last year, consumers are increasingly focusing on stocking up on breads and pastries. The GfK Consumer Index observes a 9% increase in sales and a slight 4% increase in volume in June 2020. We explain the reasons for this in the following article.

Why are bread and baked goods more popular than ever?

Packaged products in particular are very popular with customers. The focus of consumers is primarily on product safety and best-before dates. If the bread and baked goods are unopened, the enjoyment freshness extends over a period of 10 to 180 days. This was emphasized by the President of the Association of German Large Bakeries, Prof. Dr. Ulrike Detmers.

Another problem in lockdown times was the fact that chain stores that supplied food retail outlets and bakeries were struggling with slumps in sales and sales. Customers no longer visited the branches personally.

The sales share of the branch and wholesale bakeries is more than 70%, says Detmers. The total turnover of the baking industry in 2018 was 21 billion euros. For the future, Detmers can observe a stable or increasing market share of the wholesale and branch bakeries.

Other salty aspects for packaged bread and baked goods

In the past, Minister Julia Klöckner developed a national reduction and innovation strategy in terms of salt reduction. This topic is not unimportant for the baking industry. A reformulation working group is therefore planned to address the issue of lower salt consumption in bread and baked goods.

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