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Christoph meets … – new webinar series by Christoph Grabowski

On June 12, 2021, it’s that time again – master butcher and certified meat sommelier Christoph Grabowski is launching a new digital event series. This will revolve around the butcher’s trade. Sign up and get all the info you need about working with meat.

Who is Christoph Grabowski?

Christoph Grabowski is one of the stars in the butcher’s trade – a meat influencer, if you will. Accordingly, he is also represented on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn and is very active. Grabowski is a trained master butcher and meat sommelier. He promotes the appreciation of meat and its products. What motivated him to actively support high-quality food? The 1996 BSE scandal. He was able to switch to ostrich meat 25 years ago when the demand for beef collapsed. But smaller butcher shops were less fortunate.

Today the 57-year-old teaches at the butcher school in Augsburg and is one of the first meat sommeliers in Germany. This is an additional qualification to the butcher’s profession. In a course, everyone who is interested acquires special knowledge about meat quality, correct animal husbandry and diversity.

Christoph Grabowski has already published two books: “Neue Cuts vom Rind” and “Neue Cuts vom Schwein”. They both appeared in his “Passion for Meat” series.

The butcher’s trade – more than just slaughter

Grabowski knows that there is much more to the butcher’s trade than just swinging large knives and axes. And more than just killing animals. The butcher shop starts with animal welfare and breeding. Even in his parents’ house, keeping pigs, chickens and rabbits was part of it. Just like death from slaughter. Nevertheless, according to Grabowski, it is important that the animals are treated with a lot of respect.

The webinar series – Christoph meets …

In the new, digital series of seminars, “the meat whisperer” talks to breeders, butchers and meat lovers. It starts on June 12, 2021 with a performance by Christoph Grabowski. Who is the head behind “Passion Meat”? What is his motivation? How does he rate the butcher’s trade?

The first dates and guests have already been set. On July 3rd, 2021, Grabowski will talk to the butcher Jürgen David for around 45 minutes. It is about the secrets of success, the modern butcher’s trade and new and proven cuts.

In July / August 2021, a breeder will have his say and talk to the meat influencer about old pigs and cattle breeds, challenges for breeders as well as opportunities and possible solutions.

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