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18. August 2021

Demands of the food association for the federal election

“Keep the choice” – Honest, constructive dialogue between politics and society The umbrella association of the German food industry would […]

“Keep the choice” – Honest, constructive dialogue between politics and society

The umbrella association of the German food industry would like to invite you to this. It’s about a holistic approach that provides for a sustainable way of life. Safe food and fair framework conditions should play the central roles. This is how companies stay innovative and consumers are empowered to exercise their own responsibility.

The managing director of the umbrella organization Christoph Minhoff sees the last 18 months mainly from the corona pandemic. But “as soon as this major crisis seems to have been overcome, we are painfully reminded of the consequences of climate change.”

These experiences would show what is particularly important for the food industry: namely a reliable supply of safe and enjoyable food. On top of that, there should be more commitment in the areas of resource conservation and climate protection.

“Safety, sustainability and responsibility are therefore the three pillars of our work for us.” At this point, it is important to have the freedom to “not restrict research and innovation and functioning competition and to offer consumers the variety they need to realize their personal preferences”.

Corona crisis, climate change and Co. – food industry and politics at a crossroads?

The program “Keep your choice” was completely published on the website of the same name released. This includes all requirements, explanations and examples. We have summarized the core of these statements for you:

Due to the corona pandemic, the food association is particularly focusing on maintaining the economic strength and competitiveness of the food industry. With these aspects, the industry policy and the implementation of the Green Deal should succeed. Sustainable systems have to be built up and expanded. “Keep your choice” already contains some examples from previous posts. All pillars of sustainability are to be strictly adhered to. Conflicts between economic, ecological and social goals must be resolved.

In addition, uniform rules and impact assessments are necessary. Business should participate in creating new or changed regulatory measures in advance. This ensures a realistic inventory of all facts.

Further demands are the structure of the official food control, the design of transparency regulations, the guarantee of the freedom of choice and the avoidance of state control measures. These are also explained in more detail in “Keep your choice”.

Keep the choice!

Put a cross and hope for the majority? Would you like “a reliable supply of safe and enjoyable food” to boost your production and take it to a new level? Our performance promise stands! We at Ehlert are at your disposal as a reliable partner for the supply of supplies for food production. The basic program of the Lebensmittelverband Deutschland e. V. in the long version can be found here: download PDF .