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Disposable tableware ban will come into force in 2021

We have already reported on the ban of disposable tableware in our blog and pointed out ways to reduce plastic. This year, 2021, the time has finally come: the ban will come into force. Find out here which innovations and changes there will be in the future and how Ehlert can support you in your food production.

What is changing now in terms of disposable tableware?

All single-use products are banned – it can be anything from cotton swabs to fast food packaging to styrofoam. But there should also be more environmentally friendly alternatives. In particular, products made from fossil fuels such as crude oil have long been criticized. Because they will remain in the environment for decades if they are not properly disposed of in the yellow bin. The Bundestag and Bundesrat have now approved the ban on disposable tableware – it will come into force on July 3, 2021.

Disposal of disposable tableware – figures, data, facts

In Germany alone the numbers are serious: 320,000 disposable cups are used every hour in the Federal Republic of Germany alone. Almost half, 140,000 pieces, are to-go cups. In 2017, the waste balance for disposable tableware and to-go packaging was more than 346,000 tons, according to a survey by the Society for Packaging Market Research. The amount of plastic waste increased by a total of 3.9% to 6.15 million tons between 2015 and 2017. But many companies were shaken awake by this high level – we at Ehlert are also responding to this by expanding our product portfolio to include different types of reusable packaging.

What is changing in the Ehlert range?

In the future, Styrofoam thermo cups such as FC20 will no longer be produced. Our current alternative to this will be containers made of foamed polypropylene (PP). This will be available in three sizes: 350, 500 and 750 milliliters. There is also a lid that fits all cups. We are still looking for alternatives for you that have the same properties as styrofoam. The well-known Styrofoam cups will no longer be available by the end of May this year at the latest.

Our new PP cups are made of so-called Mono-PP, so they are 100% recyclable as they are not made of composite materials. Due to their properties, they are not only suitable for soups and stews. Noodle, rice, meat, fish and vegetable dishes also find their place in it, they stay warm and greasy liquids do not find their way outside.

We also offer sustainable cardboard bowls and wooden cutlery for the snack area – just download them our flyer or take a look at all of our in the online shop Assortment in the field of tableware – you are sure to find alternatives for your business there!

Our contact persons will of course also be happy to advise you on all aspects of this topic and are sure to find an alternative solution for the single-use products you are currently using!

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