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Upward trend in the TC market continues unabated

Frozen food continues to enjoy great popularity. Pizza, fish dishes, vegetables – most people prefer to eat these foods fresh. In the meantime, however, they are also taking up more and more space in consumers’ freezers in frozen form. In Germany, sales of frozen products rose again last year by 1.7 %. And the Corona crisis in particular boosted sales even further. Read more about the topic here.

Frozen: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

You could say “there’s something for every time of day”. And that is one of the reasons why frozen products are becoming increasingly popular: the variety. Whether it’s baked goods, vegetable pans or juicy steaks: frozen is everything your heart desires. Amateur cooks and professionals can put together tasty dishes or heat up meals that are already ready. In addition to the variety, the quality of the products also plays a role. After being frowned upon for a long time, frozen products are now getting the attention they deserve.

And why is that? Quite simply – the food tastes fresh and delicious. Qualitatively they do not differ much from fresh goods. They are easy and quick to prepare, allowing even less talented cooks to conjure up real delicacies on the table. There is also the practical aspect: frozen products are easy to dose and have a long shelf life. And depending on the provider, the chilled treats are even delivered right to your door. For consumers, some aspects nevertheless play a role in the purchase decision, which have so far primarily related to fresh products: Regionality, sustainability and organic cultivation or animal husbandry according to organic guidelines. Do you produce frozen products according to these values? Do you offer your customers organic meat practically frozen?

The numbers speak for the frozen products

Because these move strictly upwards. Sales of frozen goods rose nearly one percent in 2019 at grocery retailers and home services. Turnover in this sector rose by 3.9 % to 8.29 billion euros. And things are looking rosy for frozen products outside the home, too. Professional users were up 2.5% in 2019. One of the contributing factors has been the huge appetite for hamburgers. Like a wave, restaurants flooded Germany with delicious new burger creations. Patties in every variation. And no longer just the classic meat – there is also something for vegetarians and vegans: vegetable patties, cheese slices, soy or pea patties. And they’re all available frozen, too. This allows restaurateurs to plan well and bring delicious burgers to the table at any time. The quality and taste of the products can always remain at the same level thanks to practical frozen goods. Meat remains pleasantly juicy and provides a treat for the palate.

And this is not only the case with the aforementioned Hamburgers. Frozen bakery products for baking enable customers to enjoy a delicious breakfast with oven-warm croissants and rolls at home or in the bistro. Restaurateurs can avoid long preparation times and bottlenecks in miscalculations by using deep freezing. In addition, this also counteracts food waste: Unneeded food simply stays in the cold store.

And that wasn’t all…

Because due to the developments that have happened since the beginning of 2020, the demand for frozen food has continued to grow steadily. CoViD 19 restrictions have led to people eating in their own homes more often. In addition, there is or was the desire for long-lasting supplies. As of early March, sales have climbed into the double digits. People are spending more time at home and children have also been unable to attend school and daycare at times. TK’s home services also benefited from this. Companies that deliver frozen food right to your door save you a trip to the supermarket. On the other hand, catering businesses had to close down at the same time or also switch to delivery services and out-of-home sales. Profitable for producers who produce for the retail sector – harmful for producers in the catering sector.

Do you carry frozen products in your assortment? If not, it may be just the right time to introduce the increasingly popular canning method to your operation. Do you have questions about frozen products? Please feel free to contact us – we will inform you.

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