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12. Oktober 2020

October offers

Vinegars for your food production Do you make canned stews and soups or do you need to jazz up salads […]

Vinegars for your food production

Do you make canned stews and soups or do you need to jazz up salads with dressings? Then you are exactly right with our herbal vinegars! Sour grapes are fun? Not with us – the vinegar does not stand out unpleasantly thanks to its low acidity of around 10%.

Vinegar is also wonderful for preserving food. With the added herbs such as dill, tarragon, bay leaf, pepper, allspice and anise the fermentation vinegar gets a unique taste. Dishes, sauces and marinades can be prepared and refined with herbal or spirit vinegars.

Whether for smaller productions or larger assembly line production: With our cans and containers you are always on the safe side.

Currently on offer with us:


1301 L

  • Quality: food ingredient, fermentation vinegar from spirits

  • Color: clear, colorless

  • Acid content: 10%

  • Application: Acidifier

  • Packaging unit: 1 canister / 10 litres content

From only €4.59 per canister

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We are the Champignons!

In autumn, dishes with mushrooms – especially with mushrooms – are very popular: Schnitzel with cream sauce and mushrooms, chanterelle cream soup or a noodle-mushroom pan. But mushrooms are also very popular outside of autumn: as a topping on pizza, for grilling or in salads. They are real all-rounders and go well with almost any dish.

We are prepared for that. Whether sliced, in mini format or with whole heads: mushrooms always go. Convince yourself that our mushrooms are worth every chanterelle!

Currently on offer with us:


32157 L

  • Version: whole heads

  • Trade class: 1st choice

  • Packing: aluminium bag

  • Drained weight: 1840 g – 10 kg

  • Packaging unit: 1 bag / 10 kg

From only €49.99 per bag

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Breadcrumbs and breadcrumbs – Don’t crumble, make a mess

What makes a schnitzel really delicious? What ingredient gives chicken nuggets their crunch? Logical – the breadcrumbs! And everyone knows breadcrumbs as an ingredient for juicy meatballs or meatballs. Turn your meat and fish specialties into golden treasures that everyone will love to eat.

Our breadcrumbs and breadcrumbs are available both seasoned and unseasoned. Do you want to cater to customers with gluten intolerances? Then turn to our gluten-free breadcrumbs.

Currently on offer with us:


30620 L

  • Brand: Brata

  • Flavour: lightly spiced

  • yellowish breadcrumbs, fine grain size

  • Packaging unit: 1 bag / 25 kg

From only €22.99 per bag

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Tomatoes and cucumbers – taste to the core

For tasty sauces, such as the traditional pasta with tomato sauce, you need a tasty base. For the production of such delicacies we offer you strong, dark red tomato paste. Its dual concentration and paste-like consistency make for creamy and rich dishes. You can get the tomato paste in 4.5 or 240 kilogram cans.

Another offer also comes from the vegetable department: Kühne’s cucumber cutlets. Use the juicy and healthy cucumbers for dressings and salads. With the 5.1 kilogram can, production is a snap!

Currently on offer with us:


32147 L

  • 28/30 Brix

  • 2-fold concentrated

  • Colour: dark red

  • Consistency: Paste

  • Packaging unit: 1 can / 4.500 g

From only €6.29 per can

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Edible oils and fats – flavour carriers for kitchen and gastronomy

“Full of fat!” you might exclaim when you see our offerings from the edible oils and fats section. They are convincing all along the line, because they are true all-round talents. Whether in the home kitchen or in large-scale gastronomy: refine salad dressings with our sunflower or rapeseed oils. And that’s not where the applications stop: We provide special frying fat for frying and deep-frying food. Thanks to its semi-liquid nature, precise dosing is possible without any problems.

Currently on offer with us:


356610 L

  • Edible oil (sunflower oil) from Noury

  • Country of origin: Europe (Germany)

  • Colour: clear yellow oil

  • Packaging unit: 1 bottle / 10 liters

From only €15.95 per bottle

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Add the necessary spice to your dishes!

The salt in the soup, the rabbit in the pepper or the chilli in the stew. It doesn’t have to be individual ingredients for the necessary spice. For soups, stews, sauces and more we offer you our food seasoning. With it you give food the final touch and the necessary seasoning. The purely vegetable product, which has a deep brown colour and is liquid, comes to you in a 15-litre canister. In this size range it is equally suitable for large kitchens and factories. Let your specialities stand out from the crowd – with fine food seasoning!

Currently on offer with us:


32414 L

  • Pure vegetable seasoning

  • Colour: deep brown

  • Consistency: liquid

  • Packaging unit: 1 canister / 15 kg

From only €21.99 per canister

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Order cheap at Ehlert – Now easily possible!

As you can see: At Ehlert you get everything from a single source. We see ourselves as a supply chain specialist, providing you with everything you need from A to Z. You also benefit from the lower transaction costs that you would otherwise incur if you had to buy from many different merchants. Ehlert is your reliable partner for the production and processing of food. Please do not hesitate to contact us!

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