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14. April 2021

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Stretch film & pallet hoods With food-safe stretch films and pallet hoods, you are on the safe side when storing […]

Stretch film & pallet hoods

With food-safe stretch films and pallet hoods, you are on the safe side when storing and transporting your goods. The foils adhere to one side and can be purchased in transparent or blue-transparent. Choose between 9 and 17 my and unroll the foils by hand or using a machine. With 14, 17 or 23 my, the machine stretch films are even more durable.

Our pallet hoods offer another option for protecting your goods from external influences. And thanks to the blue-transparent color of the hood, you can still see what is being moved from A to B.

Currently on offer with us:


80575 L

  • Available in different sizes

  • Color: blue-transparent, unprinted

  • Protects products from transport damage and moisture

  • Material: Low Molecular Weight Polyethylene (LDPE)

From only € 1.15 each

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Hand dispenser & tape

Practical hand dispensers are available to make it easier to remove stretch film and adhesive tape. They convince with parking brakes, with which the amount of adhesive tape and the winding tension of stretch film can be regulated. The ergonomic helpers and the associated adhesive tape can of course also be found in the Ehlert shop.

Fragile or sensitive goods? With the imprint “Caution Glass!” you can make your suppliers aware of this. You can highlight blocked areas in the company with the appropriate adhesive tape that says “Blocked” in large letters.

Currently on offer with us:


3769 L

  • Extendable, with rubber handles

  • Chromed, ergonomic design

  • Integrated brake for optimal regulation of the winding tension

  • Suitable for film widths from 300 to 500 mm

From only € 55.75 each

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Scoring knife

It gets sleek with our scoring knives. Regardless of whether you unpack the goods or pack them for onward transport. These tools go through foil, cardboard and the like as smoothly as through butter. And you don’t have to worry about the risk of injury. Depending on the model, the properties of our scoring knives include metal detectability, the retractable blade and the ergonomic shape. The latter brings the cutting material closer to the blade. No more slipping.

Currently on offer with us:


63935 L

  • MARTOR safety knife with 21 mm cutting depth

  • Automatic blade retraction

  • GS-tested security

  • Material: handle made of unpainted aluminum, insert made of metal detectable plastic

From only € 11.06 each

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Knit gloves with knobs

And knitted gloves with knobs ensure a firm grip when handling frozen or damp goods. You can get these in our online shop in sizes 7 to 10.

Currently on offer with us:


78811 L

  • Knitted glove with PVC knobs

  • Color: white with blue knobs

  • Available in different sizes

  • Material: cotton / nylon

From just € 0.79 per pair

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With Ehlert you don’t just pack properly!

As a supply chain specialist for the food industry, we offer you decades of experience in the food industry, our own fleet of vehicles for precise delivery and a large range that leaves nothing to be desired for food processing companies. And you should find our shop with over 18,000 items not find what you are looking for, just talk to our competent consultants for each area.

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