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Workwear decomposer

For good work results and healthy employees, perfect equipment is a must. This is particularly true in the field of cutting in butcher’s shops, where special clothing, individual footwear and efficient cut and puncture protection are required. In February we present our offers of the product group Dismantling. Effectively prevent accidents, injuries or contamination of your products. We’ll show you how.

Durable clothing for dismantling

Anyone who works in dismantling knows that it can be a dirty job under certain circumstances. Animal blood, bone fragments or the smallest pieces of meat often find their way onto work clothes. And that every day anew. You need clothing that can withstand constant loads like this over the long term. Which is not shrunk or ready for the bin after a wash. Ehlert supplies exactly this type of clothing. Whether sweat-shirts, overalls, T-shirts or trousers: our clothing is designed precisely for use in dismantling. This is ensured by materials such as cotton, polyester and mixed fabrics.

For one-time use and to protect work clothing, we also offer disposable aprons and disposable sleeve protectors. They are then expressly for the bin after use.

Currently on offer with us:


79681 L
  • Own brand “Ehlert Profi”
  • Made of mixed fabric, with press studs
  • with lockable pockets
  • Available in sizes 50 to 60

From only € 31.95 each

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Disassembly with the right footwear

The employees are now equipped from head to legs, but what about their feet? Our most important assistants in the day-to-day work of heavy dismantling? For this purpose, our range includes a wide range of shoes and boots for use in butcher shops. And they have to be comfortable! Because, especially during dismantling, employees spend several hours a day in front of heavy machinery and equipment. Would you like slippers or shoes that workers can comfortably slip into? Or rather boots, with or without a steel toe?

Currently on offer with us:


70223 L
  • Color white
  • Shaft height: high
  • Execution: lacing with plastic cap
  • Security class S2 according to EN 345
  • Available in sizes 42 to 47

From only € 23.05 per pair

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Cut and stab protection protects against dismantling

Most accidents in meat processing happen while handling sharp knives and blades. And which parts of the body are most frequently affected by cuts or stab wounds, especially during dissection? Sure, the hands – the most important human tools. To prevent injuries in the first place, Ehlert equips you perfectly with a selection of cut and stab protection as well as the right accessories. So you are sure to be well protected.

Currently on offer with us:


7132 L
  • Can be worn right or left, ergonomic fit
  • available in different cuff lengths
  • available in different sizes
  • available in different colors

From just € 53.96 per pair

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All from a single source? No problem with Ehlert!

Because as a supply chain specialist, we leave nothing to be desired. You are getting everything out of one hand with us. You can look forward to lower transaction costs and safe and fast shipping of your orders. Exciting price advantages not only protect your wallet.

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