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Organic spices, veggie casings and sustainability

Summer is getting closer and closer. The trees are starting to blossom and day by day it is getting warmer. Slowly, the menu of your customers is also changing: While hearty roasts were often on the menu during the cold season, the grill is now being fired up. So that neck steaks in a spicy organic marinade, delicious veggie sausages and co. find their way across your counter, we have the right offers for you.

Organic spices – pure taste

More and more people value the organic seal. Whether steak, pasta or salad – a grill plate is only as good as its spices. With our organic spices you create products that will surprise the taste buds of your customers. Ehlert organic spices were grown on organically farmed fields – without pesticides or other harmful chemical influences. Their taste is therefore completely unadulterated and wonderfully intense. Try the difference!

Currently on offer with us:


39008 L
  • Organic coriander from Italian cultivation
  • Quality: DE-ÖKO-007
  • Country of origin: Italy
  • Consistency: granules or powder
  • 1 bag = 1 kg

From only € 7.85 per bag

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Alginate casings for vegetarian products

For some, it just has to be vegetarian. There are many reasons to eat meat – but there are also customers who choose not to eat it. So that you can supply all your customers with delicious sausages, we have alginate casings that are ideal for making vegetarian sausages. These consist of seaweed and algae. The difference in taste to a natural casing is very small. Your customers can enjoy the vegetarian delicacies without hesitation – and you are the new favorite butcher. Because alternative vegetarian products are still on the rise. With our alginate casings you will become a pioneer.

Currently on offer with us:


162083 L
  • Made entirely from non-animal polymers
  • Ideal for use in vegetarian products
  • Meets the requirements of Kosher & Halal
  • 48 m in 4 caterpillars

From just € 31.20 per 48 m

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The right packaging is provided: HDPE

In order for you to be able to transport your goods without any problems, high-quality and food-safe packaging is necessary. Your food is safely stored in products made from HDPE – and that too in a sustainable manner. Because HDPE packaging is 100% recyclable.

Currently on offer with us:


3387 L
  • Material: HDPE white (100% recyclable)
  • Contents / volume l: 85
  • Dimensions: ø 635 x 385 mm
  • food safe, with shell handles

From only € 30.53 each

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Sustainability is a topic of the future

At Ehlert, too, we always have this issue in mind – more and more end customers are making sure that the products they consume are also produced sustainably. In our large range of over 18,000 items, you will surely find everything you need – you can rely on us.

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