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7. September 2021

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Sausage and meat products always in good shape thanks to the right yarn Speaking of “reels”: This time you can […]

Sausage and meat products always in good shape thanks to the right yarn

Speaking of “reels”: This time you can look forward to a whole range of sausage and roll yarns in our September offers – either in a practical dispenser box or as a reel. Do you make sausages and are you still looking for an easy way to tie them off or hang them up in your ripening or smokehouse using a loop? Then we will now give you the central theme of our sausage yarn. Whereby it can also be white, blue, green, yellow or gray.

Currently on offer with us:


1494 L

  • Sausage twine for tying sausage

  • Available in different colors

  • Material: natural fiber, hemp / flax

  • Packaging unit: 200g – 5kg

From just € 2.39 per roll (200 g)

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Roast and salmon ham go online here

Next, we will show you an exquisite selection of our roast and ham nets. But not all net is the same: the airy formers for salmon, smoked or other hams are usually not suitable for roasting because they are not heat-resistant. So make sure you choose the right material when buying. Throw out the right net for your production and get tasty roasts and ham ashore.

Currently on offer with us:


450 L

  • Material: polyester, rubber, color: white

  • Type: 5 / CR, caliber: 14

  • Temperature resistance up to a maximum of 220 ° C

  • 1 roll = 50 m.

From only € 5.35 per roll

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Indispensable in meat processing – cords made of PP

Water-repellent, food-safe, high strength and robustness: these are the characteristics of our PP cords. Flexible use in many areas of meat processing will make your everyday work easier with these indispensable helpers. Whether for the storage or bundling of your goods: you are flexibly set up thanks to different thicknesses and any section length.

Currently on offer with us:


1442 L

  • for bundling, fixing, tying and packing

  • particularly tear-proof, moisture- and weather-resistant

  • Type 320/1, food safe

  • 1 spool = 2 kg

For only 7.30 € per spool

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Food safety is guaranteed with us

All cords, nets and yarns are designed precisely to meet the requirements of the food-producing industry.

  • They are food safe, so they may come into contact with all kinds of food.

  • Different types of vegetables, but also meat, give off a lot of moisture. Sausage yarns, nets and cords can withstand this without any problems.

  • The weather is an aspect to be taken seriously when preparing tasty sausage and meat dishes. For this reason, we at Ehlert offer you weather-resistant solutions from our September offers.

Definitely not a sailor’s thread: other fastening options

In addition to our presented products, we are of course introducing large assortment of clips with the appropriate devices and machines . We are looking forward to your visit!

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