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Gloves and head protection

The offers we present to you this month are not only easy to handle, but also designed with you in mind. In many professions, head and hand protection are essential. And this is not only for safety reasons: Especially in food processing companies, hygiene is a top priority. Disposable hoods, gloves and safety helmets must not be missing. Find out here which attractive products you can save money on!

Prove a sure hand with gloves from Ehlert

Whether for hygiene or work safety reasons: The work gloves from the Ehlert online shop will always satisfy you and your employees. What can it be for your company?
How about fleece removal gloves, for example? They are suitable for rough, smooth, frozen or slippery pieces of meat. The risk of cuts, which can occur when working with a so-called skinning machine, is effectively reduced by the hand protection. This machine is designed to remove membranes, connective tissue and small fat residues. In this way, the meat can be utilized down to the last gram. The appropriate gloves are used when working on the membrane skinning machine.

In addition, skinning gloves can be used permanently. They promise a high level of wearing comfort. Because while they are made of latex on the outside, the inner lining is made of cotton inner knit. Durable and comfortable – these are skinning gloves from Ehlert.

Currently on offer with us:


76563 L
  • Made from natural latex
  • available in different sizes
  • 350 mm long, cuff
  • Colour: blue
  • Packaging unit: 1 pair / 2 gloves

From only €6.49 per pair

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Latex or rather nitrile?

Whichever material you choose, the range of products on offer extends from practical fleece-removal gloves to nitrile gloves and even further. The practical hand protection is food safe in all cases. With the gloves made of nitrile you can safely comply with any hygiene chain.

Have you ever heard of gloves with APS coating? They are particularly suitable for activities in cooler environments or with frozen food. Just like the other gloves, these can also be used without hesitation when handling food.

Knitted gloves are equally well suited for work in cold storage. This is because they are equipped with PVC nubs that make it easy to grip slippery objects.
As far as the length is concerned, there are no limits. Shouldn’t the hand guard stop behind the wrist? Then rely on the nitrile gloves or fleece removal gloves – they also protect the forearms from minor injuries.

Let us inspire you with our offers in the field of hand protection!

Currently on offer with us:


771239 L
  • palms with APS coating
  • available in different sizes
  • Colour: white / grey
  • suitable for contact with food
  • Packaging unit: 1 pair / 2 gloves

From only €2.89 per pair

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Now be under the hood – With Ehlert

We cannot promise you a wedding at this point, but we can promise you the highest standards of hygiene – with disposable hygiene hoods from Ehlert. They meet all hygiene requirements. Finding the fly in the ointment? This is impossible with our disposable hoods, because the soup and all other foods are spared from hair and flakes of skin.
If you like, you can represent your corporate colors with the clip-format disposable hoods. This is made possible by the different variants from the online shop. It is also much easier to identify, for example, different work areas.

If the desire for cleanliness in food production is even greater, we also have so-called astro hoods in our range. These differ from the familiar clip hoods in their function: while normal disposable hoods only covered the hair, astro hoods go a decisive step further. Because the astro hoods cover not only the head or hair, but also the ears, mouth and neck. They can be put on and taken off like a ski mask. There is also a mouth guard on this hood. Thus, in addition to food production, the headgear is also suitable for packaging meat and sausage products.

Currently on offer with us:


74340 L
  • with sewn on mouthguard
  • available in different colours
  • Material: PP, latex-free
  • Packaging unit: 1 carton / 1,000 pieces

From only 240,00 € per carton

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With safety helmets you do not bump anyone in the head

Head protection can never be good enough. That is why we offer not only disposable hoods, but also hard hats. Why you need such head protection in food processing companies? It’s simple: if you work in a cold store or warehouse, it’s easy to hit your head. This can cause serious injuries. Why not prevent them from the start?

With hard hats, you can work safely and almost not even notice that your head is protected. Because the helmet allows air circulation on the head and has a forehead sweatband. It can withstand a cold test down to -20° Celsius. The predominant material is plastic. It makes the helmet light and fits comfortably. So you will only get a headache if you do not use our safety helmets.

Currently on offer with us:


72168 L
  • Safety helmet according to EN 397, ventilated
  • with 6-point plastic interior and forehead sweatband
  • Adjustment from 51-64 cm in 0.5 cm steps
  • available in different colours

From only 6,19 € per piece

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Ehlert convinces with a wide range of products

The items in the spotlight this month feature a wide variance in color, size and length. There is something for everyone! And that’s not all: at Ehlert you get all the items you need from a single source. Save transaction costs and benefit from attractive price advantages. With Ehlert your order arrives safely, completely and on time.

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