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Abeba work shoes – These boots are made for working …

… that’s just what they’ll do. Well, did we give you an earworm? Very good. With a song on the lips, the work is much easier. And to ensure that your employees can carry out all activities related to the food trade not only casually, but safely, we introduce you to the work shoes from Abeba. Read here what makes the white wonders, which you can currently get at a special price with a 10% discount.

Low shoes and boots by Abeba – all in white …

… with a bouquet of flowers. The next catchy tune is already lurking here. But before it gets that far, we’d rather exchange the bouquet for a knife or the cleaver. With sharp objects like these, your employees must be firmly grounded at all times. We are aware that this is not always the case in slaughterhouses, butchers or behind the meat counter. Damp soils are the order of the day here and are a hazard that needs to be avoided. This is ensured by Abeba’s work shoes with their antistatic and non-slip polyurethane (PU) soles.

The suitability for use in the production of food is given to the work shoes by their closed heel and toe area. So the shoes fit snugly on the foot. The sole protects against injuries and unwanted slips.

This is how the shoes and boots shine

In addition to the non-slip soles and the high level of comfort, Abeba’s shoes also impress with these advantages:

  • Puncture-proof steel midsole that doesn’t give any parts lying around a chance
  • Velcro fastener for easier on and off, even with gloved hands
  • Steel cap provides protection from falling objects
  • White smooth leather: all impurities are removed with one wipe
  • Reflective strips ensure good visibility at all times in all lighting conditions
  • Supported ankle area that avoids painful twisting
  • tear- and tensile-resistant leather that is windproof and keeps your feet warm

Abeba’s S3 safety shoes can be used in a variety of ways, for example in addition to kitchens and butcher shops, as well as other food processing companies.

With a choice of sizes from 36 to 48, “Cinderella” remains just a fairy tale – with us you will find the right shoe in no time at all. Benefit from the high-quality work shoes at an unbeatable offer price from May 24th, 2021 to June 18th, 2021. Ehlert looks forward to seeing you.

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