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Are you looking for a solution to keep your customers’ cutlery hygienically clean? We at Ehlert have thought about this – and found an innovative but simple solution: Cutlery is hygienically and safely packed in a cutlery bag for customers in your gastronomy. From the cleaning to the table a clean thing.

Cutlery bags keep clean cutlery “fresh

Often cutlery lies in a dispenser or tub. Here you reach in with your fingers and take out the appropriate amount. But: many fingers also mean many prints and bacteria. If the cutlery is packed in cutlery bags, this will not happen. This is particularly advantageous for self-service, as customers only touch the packaging when reaching for cutlery, not the cutlery itself. This keeps the material nice and shiny – fingerprints are a thing of the past. And bacteria don’t stand a chance either. In short, hygienic eating has never been easier!

And how does that work exactly? After cleaning the cutlery in the commercial kitchen, it is placed in the cutlery bag. The bag is securely closed with a self-adhesive closure. Thanks to an ingenious tear-open perforation, the customer can quickly and easily open the cutlery bag at the table. A quality seal on the perforation indicates hygienic cleanliness and that the bag has not yet been opened.

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The right format is what counts!

What is special about the cutlery bags from Ehlert? The bags are inexpensive and offer not only hygiene but also an advertising opportunity. Printed with your logo, knives and forks are individually packaged in Ehlert’s cutlery bags. What format do you want? We thus offer you a simple and environmentally friendly solution. The bags are made in Germany, consist of FSC-certified paper and the ink is water-based. So you don’t have to worry about the creation of environmentally harmful waste!

Do you have questions about the cutlery bags? Would you like to send us an inquiry? Get in touch with us! Ehlert’s customer service will be happy to take care of your request or order.

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