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2. September 2021

Testo data logger and thermometer: seamless temperature controls

Why does the temperature need to be monitored? The temperature of food has a decisive influence on the formation and […]

Why does the temperature need to be monitored?

The temperature of food has a decisive influence on the formation and reproduction of germs and microorganisms and thus also on product quality and consumer health. But how can you ensure that everything is really OK here? With data loggers and thermometers from Testo, you no longer have to worry. The core temperature, storage temperature and thus compliance with the cold chain can be checked at a glance with the measuring devices.

Both the mini data logger for temperature – the Testo 174T – and the thermometers of the Testo 108 product family from the Ehlert range provide you with reliable and precise measurement results with which you can easily comply with the HACCP guidelines.

What is the HACCP concept actually?

EU law obliges all companies that process food and put it on the market to document the control of so-called critical control points within the framework of the food hygiene regulation. This ensures food safety for consumers. This is done with the help of the internal self-control system of the HACCP concept.

If you would like to find out more about the topic, please read our technical article on this topic: HACCP concept – hygiene at the highest level .

Thanks to the Testo data logger, you can keep an eye on the temperature at all times

Do you need a mini data logger for temperature control during the transport of your goods? Then you have come to the right place with the Testo 174T. For example, it can simply be enclosed with the goods in containers or cold rooms and continuously, safely and inconspicuously controls the temperature. A large measuring range and compact design make the Testo 174T a competent helper for temperature recording in every area. The software of the data logger also allows simple and fast programming and data analysis is also an easy game. The integrated NTC sensor allows a high level of accuracy.


52530 L

consisting of:

  • 3 mini data loggers Testo 174T

  • 6 batteries CR 2032 lithium

  • 1 piece of USB interface & cable for reading out

  • CD-ROM with ComSoft Basic software

  • Calibration protocol

For only € 182.70 per set

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Measure efficiently with the Testo 108 at any time

The Testo 108 product family stands for fast, simple and precise temperature measurements that make it easy to maintain the cold chain. Because the quality of chilled and frozen food is only guaranteed if the prescribed temperature is maintained – continuously! Thanks to the random sample measurements of the Testo 108, the temperature can be monitored from transport through storage to the counter. The device is not afraid of moisture or water.


51603 L

  • Measuring range: -50 to +300 ° C

  • large, clear display

  • Protection class IP 67: dust and waterproof

  • including probe and TopSafe protective cover

For only € 83.70 each

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Can it also be a little smaller? Testo mini thermometer

Would you like a short intermediate measurement? Then they are Mini and surface thermometers from Testo the best choice. They fit in every jacket pocket and are always ready for use. You can always rely on the temperature measuring devices from the Ehlert online range!


54712 L

  • Measuring range: -50 to +150 ° C

  • permanently connected sensor

  • Cable length: 800 mm

  • Fits in every pocket: 100 x 64 x 18 mm

For only € 36.90 each

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Ehlert: With a system for food hygiene!

At Ehlert, we are your supply chain specialist in the field of consumer goods in food production. We provide you with products of the highest quality for comprehensive measurement of food quality. Because this is where the details matter. Choose your reliable friend and helper from the renowned Testo temperature measuring instruments and ensure a seamless HACCP concept. Do you have any further questions? We are happy to help you by phone or email