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15. April 2021

Testo Thermometer: The three from the measuring point

Thermometer – test (o), test (o), one, two, three! They say you should never judge a book by its cover. […]

Thermometer – test (o), test (o), one, two, three!

They say you should never judge a book by its cover. The same principle can also be applied to meat, fish and the like. Because who tells you that food has the same temperature inside as on the surface? Was a limit value exceeded or undershot in the surface measurement? Measured twice is better – thanks to surface and core temperature measurement.

We’ll take you on a little HACCP excursion.

What does HACCP have to do with trade fairs? More than you think. With the help of an HACCP concept, dangers that can lead to injuries or illnesses to consumers due to food are avoided.

The acronym HACCP stands for H azard A. nalysis and C. ritical C. ontrol P. oints. Translated into German, you get the “hazard analysis and the definition of critical control points” in the food sector.

Everyone who handles food needs such a concept – restaurateurs and producers, but also smaller businesses such as bakeries and butchers. This means: All people who come into contact with goods in the food industry must be trained and motivated with regard to hygiene. This is the only way to contain and minimize dangers of a biological, physical or chemical nature.

Food companies must develop and implement an HACCP concept tailored to their respective industry. In addition to the risk analysis in the production and processing sequence and the identification of critical control points, this also includes the definition of limit values. These must be complied with at all costs. Otherwise, there is a risk of mild penalties such as fines at the beginning. If deficiencies are not remedied within a specified period of 4 weeks, criminal proceedings will be initiated. At the end of this, there may be much higher fines or even the closure of the company.

How can you effectively implement a HACCP concept?

Two decisive factors play a central role: heat and cold. And this is where our Testo thermometers come into play. In order to be able to serve your customers flawless and harmless food, you have to adhere to two basic things:

  • the cold chain for foods that need to be cooled

  • sufficient heating when preparing food

And of course it is not enough if you put your finger on the food and notice that it is cold or warm.

The Testo folding thermometer type 104

Apart from the fact that the “tactile method” just mentioned is not only extremely imprecise. It also fails when it comes to hygiene. We have a much more convenient solution for this: the Testo Type 104 thermometer. With this aid, temperatures in the range between -50 ° and + 250 ° can be measured with great precision. In addition: once used, the temperature meter can be washed off under running water and is immediately ready for the next use.

With the Type 104 thermometer from Testo, every measurement works like clockwork. You can understand that literally: when you unfold the immersion / penetration probe, the device switches on immediately. The Testo 104 is switched off again after 60 minutes of inactivity or when the probe is folded in.

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The Testo thermometer type 104-IR

You don’t have to go (infra) red. Leave this task to the folding thermometer Type 104-IR from Testo. You can record temperatures without contact using an infrared sensor. This device is particularly suitable for measuring the surface of food. If the limit values are exceeded or not reached, you can also fold the probe in or out with the Testo 104-IR. Open and close, open and close – the robust metal joint can withstand everyday use. The measuring range of the Testo Thermometer Type 104-IR extends from icy -30 ° to scalding hot + 250 °.

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The Testo folding thermometer type 103

Small but mighty! With its 11 centimeters, this thermometer is the smallest foldable measuring device in its class. The measuring and immersion probe can be opened and closed in a flash. Quickly measure a value and the little miracle can be conveniently stowed in the breast or trouser pocket. A flip-up thermometer that you can quickly grasp and use is pretty practical, isn’t it?

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There is even more to be said in favor of Testo thermometers.

The three presented thermometers from the measuring point shine with further advantages:

  • They are HACCP-compliant and certified according to EN 13485.

  • They can be used universally in all areas of the food industry.

  • The thermometers can measure not only the surface but also the core temperature of food.

  • They have a waterproof and washable housing.

  • When taking measurements with the penetration probe, the thermometers only leave tiny, discreet puncture marks.

  • Temperatures can also be recorded in hard-to-reach places, such as in displays or boxes.

Further measuring devices from Ehlert for your food production

Do you not only want to measure temperatures in accordance with HACCP, but also test the acidity of foods? PH meters are required in many areas. Particularly sensitive products such as meat, fish and milk must not fall below or exceed certain values.

You will also find many other areas covered in the Ehlert shop, such as spices, cleaning, work clothes and more. Lower your transaction costs, because with Ehlert you get everything from a single source. Talk to us, we will help you.