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Our journey begins.

It is April 1, 1924 and Gustav Ehlert is full of optimism and zest for action when he opens his butcher's store at Kirchstraße 17 in Gütersloh. He was 37 years old at the time and the father of two children. As the former managing director of the Wiedenbrück district craftsmen's office, he had worked primarily for the butchers' guild. With his experience and ideas on unresolved issues in the industry, he is ready to reshape his new career path - and take the plunge into entrepreneurship.

For Gustav Ehlert, this move is more than just a career change: it is a contribution to strengthening the local community and economy. His commitment and willingness to take risks quickly turned the store into a central point of contact for the local butchery industry...


The professional background

Advertisement of the Gütersloh Crafts Office, whose management was held by Gustav Ehlert from 1920-1924. He primarily worked for the butchers' guild.


Family Business

Three generations of Ehlert ... on the left company founder Gustav Ehlert, son Karl-Gustav Ehlert and father foreman Gustav Ehlert.


Increasing visibility

Gustav Ehlert launched his first advertising campaign in November 1924 in the regional daily newspaper "Die Glocke".


Full speed ahead!

Just one year after opening his butchery supplies store, Gustav Ehlert is faced with the need to expand due to growing demand. Determined to push ahead with his vision, he moves the business 100 meters further into Blessenstätte. The move marks the beginning of a new chapter, which is characterized not only by spatial expansions in 1926 and 1928, but also by the introduction of a shop window that attracts the attention of passers-by.

During this time we build up an impressive customer base, a recognition of the quality of the products and Gustav Ehlert's skill in building lasting business relationships...

Customer base around 1928

Gustav Ehlert expanded for the first time between 1926 and 1928. A few years after opening, we already had 58 regular customers.

Butcher shops
Meat factories
Wholesale slaughterhouses


On course for expansion

Construction of a new warehouse building in the backyard of the former location in Blessenstätte.


Hyperinflation & bankruptcy.

When the winter of 1929/1930 descends on Westphalia, it brings with it dark harbingers: The collapse of the New York Stock Exchange the previous fall triggers global hyperinflation, which soon reaches Gütersloh. News of company closures and redundancies dominate everyday life, while banks stop lending and the order situation collapses. In these challenging times, our company is also hit by misfortune: On February 25, 1930, our bankruptcy is declared.

Ironically, this was announced in the same newspaper that had once advertised the opening of our business. But in the midst of the crisis, Mrs. Ehlert proves to be a savior: with determined commitment, she takes over the business under her own name and lays the foundation for a new start. Thanks to Mrs. Ehlert's courage and determination, we found our way out of bankruptcy by 1934, and our business flourished once again...

1929 / 1930

World economic crisis

The global economic crisis also hit Gütersloh. Gustav Ehlert's company was closed.


Woman On Top

Gustav Ehlert's wife Hedwig took over a large part of the goods from the bankruptcy estate. She offered butcher's goods under a different name as „Fr.[au]Gustav Ehlert“.


End of bankruptcy proceedings

In a newspaper article, the local court announces the conclusion of the company's bankruptcy proceedings.


The feat of strength.

After the end of the Second World War in 1945, we, like millions of other people, stood in front of the ruins of our destroyed company and business premises. But Gustav Ehlert is not discouraged. Between 1946 and 1947, he began rebuilding and dared to make a fresh start despite all the difficulties. It was a hard road, but his persistence soon paid off.

Thanks to the economic miracle that sets in after the currency reform in 1948, we get back on the road to success surprisingly quickly. In 1949, there is good reason to celebrate: we can celebrate our 25th anniversary! It is proof that you can survive even the most difficult times and emerge from them stronger than before...


25 years of Ehlert

Advertisement for the 25th company anniversary from the Westfalen-Zeitung.


The first company generation - Gustav Ehlert

Within three decades, Gustav Ehlert founds the first specialist butcher's store in Gütersloh, expands, overcomes bankruptcy proceedings and rebuilds it after being hit by a bomb during the war.

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