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Since 1949

The second generation.

In 1950, an exciting new chapter in the history of our company begins when Karl-Gustav Ehlert, the second generation, decides to join the family business. This step not only marked the transition to a new era, but also brought fresh impetus and new perspectives to the company that his father Gustav had built up with so much dedication.

When Karl-Gustav joins the company, a breath of fresh air blows through the offices and workshops. He is ready to take on the responsibility of upholding traditions while leading the business into the future with new ideas and visions. It is a time of optimism and reorientation, in which the values of the past merge with the possibilities of the future...


The next generation

Karl-Gustav Ehlert joins his father's company.

Around 1954

The first Ehlert vehicles

Karl-Gustav Ehlert at the wheel of one of the company's first vehicles - a red Ford Taunus. The always somewhat leaky sauerkraut containers were transported in the trailer.

Around 1963

Shared hobbies

Karl-Gustav Ehlert with his wife Lisa before the start of the Deutschlandflug.

Around 1969

Family life

The Karl-Gustav and Lisa Ehlert family with their six children.



In the years between 1951 and 1957, our company experiences a significant milestone in its history. During this time, we concentrate on building a new business premises. This project is not only a sign of growth and faith in the future, but also a tribute to our past.

This project also involved the reconstruction of the residential and commercial building in Blessenstätte, which had been destroyed in the turmoil of the war in 1945. Over these years, we have been working with dedication and determination to realize this dream and are gradually able to resume our work...


Reconstruction of the residential and commercial building

After the Second World War, we were busy rebuilding for many years. Finally, the store was able to open in new premises on Blessenstätte.


Location Blessenstätte

In addition to casings, spices, knives and workwear, the company also presented a variety of machines in the store, such as an automatic mincer that could process up to five tons of meat per hour or a cutter that minced meat with nine knives at 3000 revolutions per minute.

An insight into the Blessenstätte


Our own trade fair.

In October 1966, we start something new: Our first in-house exhibition, an idea from Günter Kramme. Günter, who had been with us since his apprenticeship in 1951, had worked his way up to become the youngest authorized signatory in the Gütersloh district (then Wiedenbrück) at the age of 29. He didn't just want to sit in the office, he wanted to make a direct impact - which is how he came up with the idea of the in-house exhibition.

The goal is clear: customer loyalty and the opportunity to publicize new products, as well as professional exchange within our industry. The in-house exhibition in October 1966 is not only a success, but also shows us how important a direct line to our customers is. Günter's initiative opens up new ways for us to strengthen our relationships with customers and improve our range...


Ehlert in-house exhibitions

Company founder Gustav Ehlert during the first in-house exhibition in the courtyard of Blessenstätte 8.


Special exhibitors

Exhibitors and guests talking in front of the Wolff Walsrode stand.



The plastic containers were still quite new at the time.


Catering 1.0

Of course, good hospitality was also part of an Ehlert in-house exhibition.


Success and farewell.

In 1973, Karl-Gustav Ehlert moves the family business to the new premises in Wagenfeldtstraße, which have been planned since the 1960s and cover over 2000 square meters. Under the management of father and son, the company has developed from a small family business with four employees into a leading supplier to the food industry in Germany, now employing 87 people.

This move not only symbolizes a spatial expansion, but also the successful expansion and future-oriented focus of the company...


New rooms

Construction work on the new office and warehouse building on Wagenfeldstrasse.



The completed Wagenfeldstrasse building.


With a vision

Aerial view of the office and warehouse building.


Aiming high!

View of the rack warehouse with forklift driver Erwin Malinka and Karl-Gustav Ehlert (from left)

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