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Ab 1999/2000

New millennium, new happiness.

At the beginning of the 2000s, the company evolved from a trading company into a logistics service provider. This reorientation to meet market requirements and improve service quality led to the modernization and expansion of the infrastructure.

A highlight in 2006 is the expansion of storage capacity by 1500 pallet spaces, which increases the efficiency of storage and goods handling. At the same time, we modernize spice processing with the latest technologies. Our ambition to be a leader in logistics and spice production is growing...

Interview: Georg Stennes

Seasonings from Ehlert.

The popular spice blends are an integral part of Ehlert's large product range - both in the B2B and B2C sectors. But what exactly makes the spices so attractive, especially for major customers?

Georg Stennes, a long-standing employee at Ehlert and an expert in the field of spices, explains this to us.


Goodbye Gütersloh!

In 2013, we take a significant step with the company: after 89 years, we leave Gütersloh and move to Verl, just one kilometer away. This move is motivated by steady growth and the need for larger premises and is completed within a week by 80 employees.

At the new location in Verl, which offers 10,000 square meters of space and 12,000 pallet spaces, the new premises provide ideal conditions for further growth. The decision is proving to be the right one, as the building will be expanded by a further 6,000 square meters in 2017 in order to meet the increasing demand...


Welcome Verl!

The new warehouse and office building in Verl. We move to Schinkenstraße 9 in Verl.


Expansion of the storage area

The new warehouse area covers an additional 6,000 square meters. Incoming goods are also being reorganized.

seit 1999

From apprentice to managing director.

In 2016, Tobias Ortkras, who began his career at Ehlert in 2001 as an apprentice wholesale and export merchant, was appointed Managing Director. After completing his training, he gained experience as a product range manager and in sales, particularly in building up the customer base in southern Germany.

In his role as Managing Director, Tobias now focuses on purchasing and sales, where he uses his extensive knowledge and experience to strategically develop and strengthen the company.


Beginnings as an apprentice

Tobias Ortkras starts as an apprentice in wholesale and foreign trade.

Interview: Tobias Ortkras

Our customer relationships

Growing together, building trust, mastering challenges and celebrating success - that is the secret of our long-standing customer relationships.

Tobias Ortkras, Managing Director Sales and Purchasing, gives an insight into the experience he has gained at Ehlert in contact with our partners and customers.


The Fourth Generation.

In 2019, our management team at Ehlert undergoes a significant expansion: Philipp Ehlert, Martin Ehlert's son, officially joins the management team.

As an expert in marketing and e-commerce, he works side by side with his father Martin Ehlert and Tobias Ortkras, leading the family business into the fourth generation. This decision not only symbolizes the continuation of the family tradition, but also the rejuvenation and further development of the company management.


A family business to this day

1989: Three generations... Martin, Philipp and Karl-Gustav Ehlert (from left)

Since 2013

The fourth generation - Philipp Ehlert

Philipp Ehlert joined the management team in 2019. Among other things, he is in charge of the increasingly important areas of marketing and e-commerce.

Interview: Philipp Ehlert

How challenges and processes have changed over the last century.

100 years of the supply chain! One thing is certain: A lot has happened in the last century - locally, globally and also at Ehlert GmbH. Today's Managing Director Philipp Ehlert gives us an overview of the changes and the various challenges that Ehlert has had to overcome over the years.

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