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Washing work clothes properly in times of the Corona virus

Especially now in times of the Corona pandemic, increased hygiene measures are required. In addition to frequent hand cleaning and disinfection, work and professional clothing must now be cleaned more frequently and more intensively. But how do I wash workwear so that corona viruses don’t stand a chance? In this post, we will give you information & assistance on this topic.

What should you consider when washing work clothes?

The spread of disease can be slowed with simple tips and procedures:

  • Are you yourself an employee in a company in the food processing industry? Make sure that you wear only your own professional clothing. Don’t lend them out to colleagues and don’t lend out any of your workers’ clothes yourself.
  • Only wear the textiles during working hours! After work, the professional wardrobe should be stored separately from casual clothes or washed directly.
  • Wash jackets, gowns or coveralls that you need for work separately from your personal belongings. It would be even more ideal if you wanted the clothes in two different washing machines. Regardless of the Corona pandemic, this should be or become a regular occurrence in butcher shops.
  • When washing work clothes, make sure the temperature is high. According to the Robert Koch Institute, heat levels of around 60° Celsius are recommended to reduce the risk of contracting the disease.
  • Be sure to use a heavy-duty detergent when doing laundry, as its ingredients are the most effective at fighting viruses.

What happens if someone in your company has become infected?

If there is a suspicion of Corona disease in your company or if you yourself have been infected, you should observe the following instructions:

  • The work clothes of a person suffering from CoViD-19 must be washed with a full detergent at 60° Celsius and then dried thoroughly.
  • After you or an employee have loaded the machine, it is recommended that you wash your hands thoroughly. Thorough here means rubbing your hands with soap for at least 30 seconds. Afterwards, wash your hands with clean water and dry them completely.
  • Store work clothes in a separate place for at least a week.
  • Do you only have the ability to wash clothes on a low temperature? Then place these linens in a bag for storage. After this week, you should wash the laundry again. According to the German Risk Assessment Agency, the Corona viruses are no longer infectious after this type of storage. On dry surfaces, the risk of infection is limited to a few hours to a few days.

Inform textile cleaning

In any case, follow the instructions of your textile service provider for handling contaminated linen and workwear. This person must be contacted immediately by telephone in the event of suspicious cases in the company. The contaminated textiles are collected in separate containers, after which the vehicles and everything that came into contact with them are disinfected.

Contain Corona Virus – Ehlert helps you do it

Do you have any further questions about workwear and what to look out for when cleaning it? The contact persons at Ehlert GmbH will be happy to help you. Feel free to contact us today! We look forward to you. And one more request on the side: stay healthy!

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