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Product presentation: Stretch hood for food transport

In the food sector, everything must always be safely packaged. Especially during storage and transport, this poses some challenges for manufacturers and distributors. Goods can be secured well in small sizes. But what about large containers? Does your logistics department use cutter trolleys? What coverage do you have for them? Or are your goods transported without a “lid”? We have a solution for you and would like to introduce you to a new product in our diverse range: the food-safe stretch hood from Ehlert.

One film with many strengths

The 45 my thick, translucent-blue hoods are made of polyethylene, are slit in the middle and have a special welding. In 270 + 180 x 805 mm, this expansion cover is intended for larger loading trolleys and reliably protects food during transport and storage. The stretch film is a true logistics hero. What looks like a normal film is actually an all-purpose weapon in the food packaging sector. If a cutter trolley is loaded with goods, these must be properly secured against external influences during transport. With the expansion hood from Ehlert this is child’s play. The hood is pulled over the opening of the standard trolley and sticks all by itself.

No elastic or other mechanisms to set up and no extra tools either. Simply put the stretch hood over, tighten and press on the sides – done. Have you ever locked your VA cars so quickly? This way, picking is fast and nothing can happen to your food. Dust, dirt or moisture remain outside.

The hoods are also suitable as covers for the storage of goods. They are robust and durable and can last a long time on shelves. Best of all, unlike rigid lids or the like, the hoods are easy to store and take up very little space. Stored in their packaging, the thin films take up hardly any space in the depot and are true lightweights. This means that they are quickly in place. Besides, they are just as quickly disposed of. No unused rigid covers standing around – when you no longer need the expansion covers, you can simply put them away.

Suitable for food: The stretch hood from Ehlert

In order for a product to receive food approval, it must meet certain requirements. The expansion hood from Ehlert can do that – and much more. You can use the hoods in food transport without hesitation. Primary contact with food also poses no risk. On the contrary: the products stay fresh and do not give negative influences from the outside a chance. The hood is suitable for cutter trolleys and is cut to fit exactly. If it should become tight, it is additionally stretchable with restoring force. This guarantees a good grip. Your goods are well protected.

Conveyor systems run like clockwork with our expansion hoods

Technology in the logistics sector is constantly evolving. The production facilities and warehouses are constantly growing. Nowadays, intelligent conveying systems are indispensable. Loading trolleys are no longer transported only by hand, with a forklift truck or a pallet truck. Assembly lines and robots have conquered logistics. This poses new challenges, especially for food packaging. While other hoods are weak in this area, the polyethylene shows its strength. The stretch hood is perfectly suitable even for fast conveyor systems and will not let you down in any logistical operation. Whether foodstuffs are to be prepared for transport or are just waiting for further processing – with the stretch hoods they are sealed in no time at all.

Quick and easy – The new expansion hood

We have not included the expansion hood for charging trolleys in our range for nothing. The hood is a strong partner in food logistics and keeps dust, dirt and moisture away from any goods. And although the goods are securely packed, they can be quickly allocated. Because this is where the colour comes in handy: you can easily look through the blue translucent stretch hood and see which products are in the VA trolley.

Professional transport and goods protection

High quality food requires high quality packaging. You can obtain the stretch film for VA trolleys in our Ehlert Shop in order to be able to transport your products safely from A to B. External influences cannot affect the foodstuffs and they reach the customer or production fresh and without any impairments. Do you have any questions about the new expansion hood for cutter wagons? Our team will be happy to advise you!

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