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The current situation: raw materials and spices

20. January 2023Read more

Tönnies expands veggie division

30. November 2021Read more

Poultry industry: introduction of a sustainability charter is coming

25. November 2021Read more

Price increases and supply problems for wheat products

23. November 2021Read more

EU Parliament rejects ban on antibiotics

16. November 2021Read more

Reformulation: Changed composition for healthier foods

11. November 2021Read more

Demand for natural casings is increasing

27. October 2021Read more

The potential of regenerative agricultures new research project

25. October 2021Read more

Pork prices continue to fall

19. October 2021Read more

Nutri-Score: DFV calls for adjustments to the criteria

15. October 2021Read more

Anniversary: 30 years of red meat crate

13. October 2021Read more

BGH: Regional designations of origin can be protected

6. October 2021Read more

GfK study: supermarkets are growing faster than discounters

16. September 2021Read more

Climate change means higher food prices

14. September 2021Read more

Testo data logger and thermometer: seamless temperature controls

2. September 2021Read more

Anuga Meat: a hybrid event this year

26. August 2021Read more

What is the Farm to Fork strategy?

24. August 2021Read more